Atlanta’s Jamaica Star!

By: Joan Savoury

ATLANTA – I have the pleasure of knowing Atlanta’s Jamaican Star, resident, Elaine Bryan for as many years as I have been a resident and have been more than proud of her many achievements.

I am a Jamaican Radio Personality on WATB 1420 AM Radio, here in the metro Atlanta area and am writing to you to express and share our appreciation of having such a wonderful person among our midst. I have interviewed Ms. Elaine Bryan on my radio program numerous times as I have to make sure my listeners are aware of the phenomenal Jamaican here in Atlanta, which I would love for the rest of the world to become aware of as well.

Elaine Bryan

Elaine Bryan became a graduate of the Georgia Leadership Program on Thursday, May 14, 2009, one of her many latest achievements. Every State has a leadership program, but in Georgia, there are leadership programs in most major counties. For this program one has to be recruited by a past graduate of the program. The training has to be done where you live or work/business, and so in Elaine’s case it was done in Sandy Springs.

Elaine Bryan was recruited by Judge Elliott Shoenthal and Councilwoman Karen Mc Enerny, and was also recommended by Carolyn Axt, Executive Director of Leadership Sandy Springs and President Jim Kelley of Sandy Springs Leadership.

Elaine Bryan (R) with Sandy Springs Councilwoman Karen McEnerny who nominated Elaine for the Leadership Sandy Springs program.

Elaine has received several other outstanding awards among them, the first and only recipient in Georgia of the Judge Glenda Hatchett, “Reach for a better Future Inspiring Excellence” Mentoring Award.

Elaine Bryan, Judge Glenda Hatchett, and Greg Bryan

Elaine is living proof of her philosophy, her hard work and belief in motivating young people in education as you may find out since Elaine is an alumna of the Northwestern University, counselor at Chamblee Charter High School, amidst being a Real Estate Broker/Investor and owner of her very own Real Estate business. Elaine is currently studying for her Ph.d, and also writes for a weekly column for the Jamaican Gleaner.

I would love to know that this wonderful achiever, Elaine Bryan is definitely known by all Jamaicans and that we stay being proud of all her accomplishments. You can get more info about her on her website

I leave you with one of Elaine’s philosophy is “What you do with what you have determines what you become”.

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