Atlanta-Based Filmmaker from Trinidad Featured at the 14th Annual Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival

Chris Scott, Atlanta-Based Filmmaker from Trinidad Featured at the 14th Annual Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival
Chris Scott

ATLANTAChris Scott is a native of Port of Spain, Trinidad and the Atlanta-based filmmaker is the Executive Producer behind the movie, Breakthrough.

Her feature length film is scheduled to be shown at this year’s Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (APA, 4.30pm, APA, Room 02, followed by a panel discussion).

Scott is the founder and president of Trinity Performing Arts Academy in Atlanta, Georgia and is credited with writing, producing and directing several plays. Scott has also produced and directed classic stage plays such as; A Raisin in the Sun, Livin’ Fat and A Soldier’s Play (original work of the Oscar-nominated, A Soldier’s Story).

Scott has received co-producing credit for the box-office feature, Making Moves, which premiered at Regal Cinema in Atlanta, GA in 2016.

Chris is the Executive Producer of SoReal Productions, where she directs and produces short films and documentaries.  She is an acting coach, motivational speaker and ordained minister dedicated to making faith-based films.

In 2015, she was named and awarded as one of, “Atlanta’s Most Aspiring.”  Scott whose heart is also guided by her birthplace, returned in 2018 to support families in distress following devastating floods in Trinidad.

Scott partnered with Corey Crumbley (Writer/Producer) and Charmin Lee (Director/Producer) in 2017 to bring the movie, Breakthrough to life.

Breakthrough is an inspirational faith-based film, which tells the story of a young aspiring ballet dancer named Heaven who is destined for greatness.

Her mother Faith is a single parent; facing personal challenges as she fights to support her daughter’s dreams.

Her father Jared financially supports her; however, he has found new love and is engaged to be married for the first time. Her grandmother Grace is the glue that keeps the family together.

Heaven’s journey takes a turn for the worse when she is forced to call the police on her mother’s abusive boyfriend William.

William being a first-time offender, is charged with simple assault/misdemeanor and placed on house arrest. Affected by the outcome, William becomes psychotic and seeks redemption to prove his love for Faith. Despite the circumstance, Heaven has to cope with the reality of her family’s struggles while pursuing her dreams. As the story unfolds, Heaven is challenged with tough decisions, pushed to her potential, and embraces her God-given destiny. His grace over her life positions her path to overcoming life’s obstacles which propel her to greatness.

Chris Scott, Charmin Lee and Corey Crumbley are excited to be returning to Trinidad for the 14th Annual Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. 

She looks forward to her next movie project that will be filmed in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Atlanta, Georgia in 2020.

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