Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Useful For Increasing T-Levels?

Natural Testosterone Boosters

What do you think makes someone a man? The ability to subside a fight while leaving the rivals feeling like they just won the third world war? Or sticking to your own principles while everyone around is jumping into a bandwagon? Well, several attributes make a man.

Hundred years ago, manhood’s question was easily answered, and masculinity was defined by the social paradigm in which you found yourself. There were no discussions. No debate. No deep questions. Being a male was cut and dry, unlike today, where masculinity is elusive. 

Coming down to pure biology, your muscle, sex drive, and the ability to produce semen on demand are the crux of the matter. And without testosterone, almost everything is at risk. No wonder some men, when their T levels begin to go south, look for ways to safeguard their masculine virtues.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters may be an effective strategy for developing muscles and strength, but they won’t replace a sensible resistance-training regime. Research has found that strength training can potentially boost your T levels, not just benefiting the testosterone you have.

Another research from Shanghai University of Sport examined 15 male boxers. They performed three weeks of high-intensity training plus three weeks of high volume training classes, separated by four weeks of rest.

Half of the subjects were given the testosterone-boosting supplement Tribulus Terrestris (TT). The results showed that consuming 1250 mg of TT extracts reduced muscle damage and improved anaerobic performance.

However, one study presented in Nature Reviews Endocrinology showed no scientific reason to recommend testosterone supplements to men above 65 years, with normal or testosterone levels.

So, are Testosterone Boosters Useful?

Similar to fat burners and pre-workout supplements, testosterone boosters are not linked with a sterling reputation. While that doesn’t mean that testosterone boosters are precarious, users need to be their own best advocates.

There’s a whole list of supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels. However, only a few studies have tested these compounds. A recent study of supplements warns of counterfeit reviews, placebo impacts, and possibly dangerous ingredients.

Other studies found that most individuals reported statistical improvements with natural T boosters, including increased libido, more energy, and better workout and sports performance.

It’s always important to read through the reviews before buying, obtain your testosterone booster from a reputable and well-recognized company. Only consume as recommended and keep your doctor in touch about what you’re consuming, especially if you’re dealing with health concerns or medications.

It’s wise not to expect testosterone boosters or even supplements to be the solution to your health and fitness concerns. The diet, as well as how well you exercise, has a bigger impact on your T levels than you can imagine, and if you want the test-quest to be effective without any complications, you need to keep them in mind.

Testosterone boosters might not help improve T levels for completely inactive individuals or those burned out from excessive intense training. Speaking of nutrition, eating enough, and taking adequate dietary fats is important for healthy testosterone levels and overall well-being.

According to health experts, fasting and low-calorie intake will lower testosterone levels and hinder them from remaining at their peak. It can also cause a condition known as villains and even chronic stress.

Here are several tips to boost your testosterone levels:
  • Consider big to small: Studies show that starting your workout session with compound lifts, squat, overhead press, bench press, and so on, followed by smaller separation movements, can cause a significant anabolic response.
  • Adjust your workout session: You may want to shorten your workout without compromising the overall volume. Testosterone levels usually elevate after short workouts, say less than 60 minutes. Also, try to keep most of your rest periods brief, say 30-90 minutes.
  • Occasional lifting workouts such as forced reps, negatives, and drop sets can help exercise your body. Another important note is that any testosterone booster should be used with the right mindset.
  • Improving your testosterone levels, similar to bodybuilding, isn’t an overnight project. Observe your diet, do the work, and if you want to use supplements, then go for something that will keep you up as per your goals.
Talk About Your Sex Drive with Your Doctor

There are many issues that can lead to decreased sex drive for both men and women. Low testosterone levels might be the source for low libido in most men, just like stress and relationship problems.

Testosterone boosters probably will improve sex drive in men with low testosterone levels and hypogonadism. While those are just research-based suggestions, it is important to speak to your doctor and get your T levels tested to determine whether supplementation is suitable for you.

Similarly, there are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels through solid workouts, diet, and other lifestyle adjustments.

That means if you’re in your third decade and are not feeling strong during workouts anymore or don’t have the much-needed energy to finish your day, leave alone libido, testosterone boosters may not pose any impact unless you’re doing a lot on yourself.

Bottom Line

With that being said, one can confidently say that testosterone boosters are useful. However, a downright poor diet, and mediocre training program will definitely diminish the effectiveness of your T boosters. On the other hand, a solid training program and a great diet can help in muscle development and increase testosterone.

For instance, amino acids play an essential role in both muscle growth and testosterone in protein-rich diets. According to experts, the consumption of healthy amino acids, especially when taken alongside training, may improve the responsiveness of androgen receptors.

This, in turn, stimulates the effects of testosterone in muscle growth. The overall performance will also be significantly improved. So before you gulp down any single tub of test booster, you will need to get yourself ready for success.

Regular workouts with a well-arranged muscle-building program. Additionally, be sure to take adequate protein and healthy calories per your body weight, fitness level, and goals.


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