A Substance Use Spiral: 5 Signs You Need Addiction Treatment

A Substance Use Spiral: 5 Signs You Need Addiction Treatment

Over the years, the United States has declared various public health crises, from physical health declining to mental disorders skyrocketing to continued environmental degradation. One of the leading issues facing citizens today is substance abuse, with nearly half the population admitting they use illicit drugs. 

Although substance abuse continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives by straining interpersonal relationships, negatively impacting physical health, and causing mental instability, few receive treatment to help them overcome addiction. Often, people find themselves unsure of the right time to seek treatment, falsely assuming their dependence is not severe enough. 

If you’re unsure whether you need professional assistance, read on for five indications that you should pursue substance use disorder treatment. Once the honeymoon phase with your drug-of-choice winds to a close, you can come to terms with your toxic relationship with illicit substances. Are you not prepared for this physically taxing separation? Contact Clean Recovery Centers for further support. 

Your tolerance is skyrocketing

During the beginning phases of drug or alcohol use, the amount needed to feel the effects is lower than for addicts. Frequent users often find their tolerance begins to climb as their body familiarizes itself with the substance. Unfortunately, raising your dosage becomes increasingly expensive and also increases the risk of severe health complications. 

If you find yourself upping your dose and using substances continuously throughout the day to feel the effects, it may be time to get help from a local treatment facility. 

You’re driving under the influence

Although it may seem reasonable and low-risk at the time, driving while under the influence of any drug or alcoholic beverage is extremely dangerous for you and bystanders. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated can lead to severe injury for you and others around you, with approximately 29 people dying due to impaired driving each day. If you’re getting behind the wheel after using time and time again, it’s time to call in professionals to help with the addiction recovery process. 

You suffer from withdrawal symptoms

An indicator that you may be suffering from substance abuse is the inability to stop using without mental and physical side effects. The most typical withdrawal symptoms are physical, with some experiencing body aches, pains, hot flashes, and nausea depending on the severity of their addiction. If you’re finding small breaks from your substance of choice cause you distress or discomfort, consider reaching out to addiction specialists who can walk you through withdrawal in a safe, supportive way. 

Your interpersonal relationships are suffering

A telltale sign you need substance abuse treatment is if close relationships feel strained and distant. Addicts often report feeling isolated from their loved ones as their dependence deepens and affects day-to-day interactions. Unfortunately, people under the influence may act out of character, breaking trust and sparking contention between themselves and their loved ones. Reach out to substance abuse specialists if your usage strains meaningful relationships or leaves you feeling isolated. 

It’s affecting your day-to-day life

Although some casual substance users can function without disruption, those struggling with addiction typically find themselves impaired throughout the day. Between lost jobs, accidental injuries, and declining mental health, substance abuse leaves no corner of life untouched. When under the influence, you’re unable to function at total capacity, impacting your productivity, motivation, and cognitive abilities. For those finding it difficult to keep a job, complete basic tasks, or manage their mental health, utilizing substance abuse resources can help you gain control of your life. 

Wrapping up

Although admitting you need help with an addiction can be uncomfortable and vulnerable, allowing experts to help you out of the substance abuse hole can ensure you get clean safely and stay sober long term. Notice the signs early on and reach out to reputable treatment teams for personalized support. 


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