A Lift in Life, Carnival Cricket 2006

PEMBROKE PINES – When the cold hands of death take one or both parents away … When the only home they know is infested with drugs and drug addicts … When the people dearest to them use and abuse – mentally, physically and sexually …how can a child focus on academics?

The answer is the mission of the J.R.E. Lee Opportunity School in South Miami. (Students attending J.R.E. Lee are administratively assigned to the school for a minimum of nine weeks and may attend for one year or more because of various infractions of the Code of Student Conduct or in lieu of expulsion from Miami Dade County Public Schools.)

When President George W. Bush signed into law the “No Child Left Behind Act,” there is little doubt that he had students like those attending J.R.E. Lee Opportunity School in mind.

“A Lift in Life” has walked this path before in another capacity but this time we are teaming up with talented cricket players from near and far. “A Lift in Life” and the Miami Parkway Cricket Club are hosting the New York Villagers Cricket Club over a two day event for Carnival Cricket 2006.

Here a 20/20 cricket format will be followed in hopes to bring awareness to the sport of cricket as well as healing to the lives of some of Miami’s children who so desperately need our support. Thanks to companies such as YES i, Trophy City, and Caribana restaurant we anticipate a superb and successful event.

“A Lift in Life” is in the final stages of developing “The Cricket Curriculum” a multi-media cricket resource that has been designed for use in middle and secondary schools to assist mentors and coaches in the planning and development of cricket for the 11-18 age groups.

The resources have been developed in conjunction with experienced cricket experts and organizations and with practicing teaching professionals in England and the Caribbean.

The entire Cricket Curriculum educational offering, which also includes resources for cricket clubs, introduces an exciting way for students of all ages and abilities to develop their skills and progress toward the standard game, while gaining from one-on-one mentoring covering all the subjects on the National Subject Checklist such as math, reading, information technology, physical education, citizenship, life-skills, geography, health and nutrition, just a few examples.

The students of J.R.E. Lee Opportunity School must not be left behind…and it’s not just one child…there are as many as 200 children enrolled on any given day. Without J.R.E. Lee they are certain to be left behind.

For additional information or a schedule of current and future events please contact Myrtle P. Alexander, President – A Lift In Life, Inc. @ 786-228-8676 or by email @

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