7 Unexpected Accidents of Pedestrians at Daytime

7 Unexpected Accidents of Pedestrians at Daytime

Each year, the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to rise. In 2018, around 6,283 deaths were reported and this has been the highest number of death counts reported since 1990. You may have different transportation options but one fact remains: everyone is a pedestrian. At any time of the day, you may find yourself walking down the street. As the risks are high, it is important that you equip yourself not only with the knowledge of pedestrian safety but also you need to be aware of the most common pedestrian accidents so you may increase your safety while commuting. Below is a list of the topmost accidents that have affected several pedestrians from all over the world.

1. Children Pedestrian  Accidents

Did you know that around 19,000 of pedestrian accidents involve children? Studies have found that children are the more likely victims of pedestrian accidents than adults because of their low stature. In residential areas, children playing near the roads are at high risk of getting involved in an accident as they may run after a ball or not notice incoming cars. As a parent, it is best to make sure to keep an eye on your children when they are playing and letting them play in safe areas. For drivers, it is best to reduce your speed if you are entering a residential area.

2. Crosswalk Pedestrian Accidents

Crosswalks are originally designed to provide protection for pedestrians when crossing the street. However, it is unfortunately common for pedestrians to experience road accidents even when using the crosswalk. Pedestrian laws vary per state so this means that pedestrians do not always have the right of way. For instance, in Texas, drivers do not always have to yield to pedestrians. There are several instances where a driver is required to yield. This is based on the Texas Transportation Code with the intention to improve the safety for pedestrians and the whole community in Texas. It is important that both the driver and the pedestrian are responsible to be aware of their state’s pedestrian laws to avoid conflict and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Aside from safety, being familiar with your state’s pedestrian laws will inform you of your legal rights which might come handy should you or someone you know get involved in a pedestrian accident.

3. Roadside Pedestrian Accident

Another common accident occurs when pedestrians are walking on the side of the road. As a pedestrian, you should always make an effort to use the sidewalk to avoid being side-swept by an oncoming vehicle. If a sidewalk is not available, it is recommended for you to be on the same side of the road of the oncoming traffic.

4. Vehicle Backing Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, it is quite common for pedestrians to be hit by cars backing. This may be caused by having the pedestrian in the driver’s blindspot or by an inattentive driver. As a pedestrian, you must try to avoid walking behind parked cars and as a driver, you should be more cautious and always be aware of your surroundings.

5. Texting and Walking Accident

Did you know that texting while walking can put you at risk of a car accident? Being distracted from texting while on foot can cause you to crossroads unsafely. As a pedestrian, you should be cautious when navigating the streets and must pay attention to your surroundings. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, you must always keep your eyes and ears on the road.

6. Alcohol-Related Pedestrian Accidents

Drunk driving remains one of the most popular reasons for car crashes. As a driver, it is imperative to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol because you are not just putting your life in danger; you are also putting someone else in danger too. This goes the same to pedestrians. Intoxicated pedestrians may not pay attention to traffic lights and oncoming traffic so it is still best to remain self-aware and sober when walking the streets. Alcohol impairs your

7. Midblock Dart and Dash

Dart and dash accidents are common in highly urbanized areas. For your own safety, you should always cross streets on crosswalks and intersection areas. Meanwhile, drivers are strongly encouraged to reduce their speed if you are entering a highly-populated area.

7 Unexpected Accidents of Pedestrians at Daytime

There are several more accidents that affect pedestrians during day time. Although these accidents are very common, it is still possible to reduce the risk of these accidents. Both drivers and pedestrians are responsible to follow the rules and apply best practices in terms of road safety.



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