7 Amazing Series about Life in Florida

TV Series about Florida

While most of the recreational media depict the glitz and glam of South Florida, particularly Miami, the sovereign is far more than its lavishly adorned nightclubs and beautifully sparkling blue oceans. Today’s list of TV series highlights the more realistic aspect of South Florida reflecting the state’s diverse viewpoints and experiences. Before we go through the list, let’s first talk about how to watch these shows. 

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  • On Becoming a God in Central Florida 

The dark humor series starring Kristen Dunst premiered on Showtime in 2019. It portrays Kristen as Krystal Stubbs, a young working mom who struggles to comprehend her overworked spouse’s addiction to a famous pyramid scheme, Founders American Merchandise, FAM. 

Set in the early 1990’s, the launching episode concludes at Krystal’s husband Travis being killed by an alligator. The widower decided to confront FAM from within, doing everything she can to provide for herself and her daughter. Ted Levine, who plays Obie Garbeau II, the creator of FAM, gives a remarkable performance in the show.

  • ¿Qué Pasa, USA?

This long-forgotten and remarkable sitcom was the very first multilingual show on American Television, airing on PBS for four seasons. ‘Qué Pasa, USA?’ depicts the narrative of the Penas household, a Cuban-American family residing in Little Havana, Miami. 

The show highlights the major difficulties of the household, from the communication gap to food and government operations, via a funny perspective. Long-time Miami residents who are acquainted with the city’s diverse, varied, multicultural customs still hold it in high regard.

  • Fresh off the Boat 

Premised on chef Eddie Huang’s 2013 autobiography, this ABC sitcom follows a Taiwanese-American household in 1990s Orlando as they relocate from New York’s Chinatown to launch a cowboy-themed diner. 

When Fresh Off the Boat premiered in 2015, it was the first tv series in almost 20 years to feature Asian Americans as primary characters. After six seasons, it is regarded as a ground-breaking, funny examination of intergenerational harmony in American immigrant families. It deconstructs the whitewashed American dream, rather offering a far more realistic and complex depiction of what it takes to be successful.

  • The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

While this program covers states, if not continents, and paints a broad picture of South Florida’s wealth and extravagance, it also delves into the mistreatments that lurk behind the glossy coating. Andrew Cunanan’s assassination rampage in the 1990s, which ended in the fatalities of fashion designer Gianni Versace and four more men, is recreated in this Netflix series starring Ryan Murphy from American Horror Story. 

The show reveals the misery and poverty that exists in plain sight among underprivileged people. It is not all glitz and glam in Miami; it is also brutal, sweltering, and filthy.

  • Florida Girls 

Florida Girls is set in a trailer park and tells the narrative of four underprivileged young ladies attempting to sort out their life. Shelby, played by original director Laura Chinn, is motivated to improve her life when one of her closest buddies earns her GED and moves out of state. 

Florida Girls is a sweet and well-written novel that proves that wealth is not the secret to happiness. POP TV revived the show for a season 2 when it premiered in 2019.

  • David Makes Man

David Makes Man is a story based in South Florida that explores the struggles of a 14-year-old striving to break free from the deprivation that haunts him. Akili McDowell plays the lead character, who attended a school for intellectually talented students and returns home every day to the slums he considers home. 

David finds it hard to reconcile these aspects of his identity. The series, which airs on Oprah’s TV network, did an excellent job of exposing the discrepancy that distinguishes most of Florida. The producer and scriptwriter for the program is Tarell Alvin McCraney, who also authored the narrative for Moonlight.

  • Living the Dream 

Living The Dream is a British outlook on things in Florida that follows the Pembertons, a Yorkshire household who leave their home in England to become proprietors of a Florida RV park. They assume they are sacrificing dismal skies and bleak landscapes in exchange for unlimited sunlight and exotic fauna. 

However, the family discovers that living on the other side of the pond is not as affluent and charming as they had hoped. Instead, they must deal with harsh weather and difficult residents.

Wrap Up 

Florida has become synonymous with oddity, and these productions reflect on that in a fantastic way. The Sunshine State appears to be equal parts dangerous and an exciting getaway, owing to all those viral stories involving Floridians robbing service stations unclothed and big snakes devouring gigantic alligators in Everglades. With this list of shows based in South Florida, you can have a good laugh while learning new things. 


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