6 eCommerce Tools Every Business Needs

eCommerce tools

ECommerce is a growing industry and many businesses are shifting or starting their stores entirely online. If your business is within this lucrative industry, you’re probably already aware of the power of digital tools and software for growing your business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running an online store for a while, these six tools are essential to every eCommerce business. 

  • Digital payment processing

If a customer makes it all the way to checkout and their preferred payment method isn’t available, there’s a good chance they’ll abandon their checkout. Most eCommerce stores have digital payment processing integrated into their website and choose plenty of third-party payment platforms for customers to choose from. PayPal, Stripe, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay are popular payment methods that will ensure your customers can always pay with ease. 

  • Consent management

Whether you’re collecting email addresses for a newsletter or analyzing customer behavior on your website, you’ll need to ensure your website is GDPR compliant and you have all the necessary consent banners and privacy notices. Fortunately, a consent management system can do the legwork for you and provide interactive consent popups and banners that are fully integrated with your website and branding. 

  • Data analysis

Speaking of customer data, is your business making the most of the data you have? Organizing and analyzing customer data can feel daunting, but there are a lot of tools out there that are helping eCommerce businesses make valuable, data-driven decisions. Google Analytics is vital for every eCommerce business, but it doesn’t end there. This list of the best eCommerce analytics tools is a great breakdown of the software on offer. 

  • Social media automation

Managing your eCommerce business’s social media can be an entire job in itself. Hiring a social media manager is one option, but you’ll save time and money using a social media automation tool. These tools can do everything from scheduling posts and monitoring your different channels in real-time to analyzing engagement and identifying popular content in your business’s niche. This list of social media automation tools is a useful breakdown of the different tools out there and what they offer users. 

  • Referral tools

Referrals are a great way to grow your customer base and reward existing customers for helping you do so. Typical referral programs offer customers a discount, credit, or additional perks if they refer a friend and that friend makes a purchase. The friend referred is usually offered something too. Referral programs can be difficult to set up and monitor. There are referral program software tools out there, such as ReferralCandy and Ambassador, that help businesses easily set up, adjust, monitor, and assess their referral programs. You can also contact companies in Lancaster PA that do software development.

  • Design tools

If you have a designer or you yourself are an artist, you probably create beautiful graphics for your website and marketing materials with ease. Not everyone is so artistic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t create eye-catching designs. Nowadays, you don’t need to be an expert at ProCreate to make amazing graphics. Design tools like Canva, Pixlr, and Snapseed are a selection of the cheap and even free design solutions available that even the least artistic of us can use.

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