5th place for Elaine Thompson, won’t be a pain

By Professed Greatness 

NEW YORK – We now have a figure from Central Manchester that we can be proud of in the form of one Elaine Thompson, after the disappointment of Security preacher Peter Bunting.

Not to be confused with the famous producer Errol Thompson or de alien wha come inna de 80s movies.

5th place in London was a disappointment, one which Thompson so gracefully articulated without making excuses.

5th place for Elaine Thompson, won't be a pain

Elaine Thompson (file photo)

Should Elaine Thompson finish 5th or better in the final meet of the year Brussels, she will finish in 1st place 100 meters and be awarded $50,000 USD not Jamaican.

Of course we hope that she will come first and have an untainted 2017 Diamond League Campaign, however, 5th in Brussels will be rewarding, at the very least, financially.

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