5 Travel tips for your Bergen to Oslo trip


One of the most underrated things on the European travel circuit is The Bergensbanen, a route that runs for approximately 300 miles between Bergen and Oslo. It takes a little more than 6 hours to get from Bergen to Oslo by NSB High-Speed Train and the scenic vistas from the window make each minute of the journey pleasurable. Bergen and Oslo are two of the least discovered, yet insanely beautiful cities that you must visit in this lifetime, and hence, we have listed down 5 tips to keep in mind when you finally decide to take this joyride:

  1. Enjoy the train ride
    The railway between Oslo and Bergen was built between 1875 and 1909, considerably with difficulty, since it is built at a maximum height of 1200 metres. The engineers completed a heroic task of carving tunnels, during winter storms while the management fought for funds but the result is something that they are extremely proud of.  If you visit Oslo in October-November, you will be in for a treat since the weather is perfect for a train ride.

    Hamlet of Bergen Railway Bridge

    Hamlet of Bergen Railway Bridge

  2. Pack your walking shoes
    Bergen is one of the most stunning waterfront cities in the world and if you really want to explore it like a true traveler, be prepared for a lot of walking. In fact, there are many walking tours organised in the city for tourists and you could consider turning up for one of those.
  3. Keep a day for Bryggen
    If one tourist attraction had to win a hypothetical trophy in Bergen, it would be Bryggen. It is undeniably beautiful, and houses many tourist hotspots such as the beautiful old Hanseatic Wharf. It is a delight to just walk around the area and look at the beautiful buildings and houses around. There is also a quaint bookshop that serves coffee where you can lounge in comfortable chairs and unwind after a long tiring day. If you like traveling with a group, you could consider Scandinavia Private & Small Group Tours, that are quite a hype these days.
  4. Plan your expenses well
    If you don’t plan your expenses well, your time in Norway is going to end up costing you way more than what you had planned. The unit of currency in Norway is known as the Norwegian Krona or NOK. One thing you should keep in mind is that the food here is expensive, especially if you eat out. However, there is a McDonald’s in Bergen that might act as a saving grace for many traveling on a budget.

    5 Travel tips for your Bergen to Oslo trip

    Bergen Norway Harbor Architecture

  5. Buy liquor from a supermarket
    Make sure you purchase all the alcohol that you require during this trip only from markets, and before 6:00 p.m., since they refuse to sell it afterwards. Moreover, buying alcohol from your hotel’s bar is going to end up costing you much more than you would have thought, so plan accordingly.

Just keep the above tips in mind and you’re ready for a wonderful time in these cities as well as during the train ride that connects them!

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