5 Essential Keys for Selling Real Estate

5 Essential Keys for Selling Real Estate

To be a top-selling real estate agent is the hope of every realtor, and to be one, you need to have some mastery of sales and marketing. There are many challenges in the real estate industry, but with the right tips and tricks, you can achieve success. Below are five essential keys for selling real estate that will take you to the next level:

  • Stage the home properly to attract buyers.
  • Use a professional photographer.
  • Spread the word about the listing through social media, email, and an open house.
  • Once you sell the home, be sure to provide the clients with a special “Thank You” gift, as this can set you up for future business with them or bring referrals through word of mouth.
  • Keep in touch with clients periodically, answering any questions they may have about buying or selling their next home.

1. Stage the Home Properly to Attract Buyers

To be a top-selling real estate agent; you need to master the art of staging a home. A staged home is likely to fetch more money in the market and sell faster than an obscured home.

There are several ways to set up a home to attract buyers. Some of the critical areas you need to stage include: the property’s outdoor, entrance, interior walls, furniture, lighting, painting, scent, and décor.

The first step in staging a home is working on the house outdoors. You will have to trim shrubs, trees, and flowers around the home, mow the lawns, and clean the backyard. It is essential to ensure these areas are perfect because nobody wants to live in an unkempt home.

Staging the outdoors is like doing a makeover to attract the eye, and if the art is perfect, you will have prospects flocking to buy the real estate property. Ensure that you highlight all the vital outdoor features to attract buyers to the home.

The second step in staging a home involves improvements around the entrance. To do this, clean the front door to remove the dirt, dust, and cobwebs, then wax the front door’s hardware. You can paint the door if it’s faded, get a new and attractive doormat, install a new mailbox, and re-do the house numbers.

Next, thoroughly clean the house to remove dust, dirt, and clutter. A dirty home is a big turn off to many buyers and leaves them wondering if other property parts are similarly unkempt. It would help if you oiled the metal finishes with olive oil to shine a new surface.

Also, remove pet hair from the carpets and the furniture and ensure that your couch and carpet are immaculately clean by removing any stains on them.

2. Use a Professional Photographer

Professional photography is a significant element of marketing strategies for most business models. In the real estate business, a single property photograph is worth a million words, so hiring a professional photographer who possesses the best real estate photography skills is a must if you aim to be a shark in this industry.

Most real estate property buyers have admitted that listing photography is one reason that prompted them to view a home. A professional photographer can take photographs in a small room or a tight angle as they are highly trained and can deliver results in ways you’ve never imagined.

Besides, professional photographers have specialized hardware and software that help take your real estate photography to a whole new level. By using high-quality cameras, lighting equipment, and lenses, the photographs will be of high quality. The pro-photographer also uses software to edit and highlight your home’s key features, creating a photo that attracts clients to the house. You can also consider outsourcing editing to get the best quality photograph possible.

3. Advertise Your Listing Through Social Media, Email, and Other Forums

After getting high-quality photographs shot by a professional photographer, the next step is to post your listing on a social media platform or other real estate sales platforms. Advertisement is crucial in real estate because it allows you to sell your services to a broader audience.

As a realtor, social media should be an extension of your brand. Use high-quality pictures in your post and provides details explaining the advantages of the neighborhood and the property you are selling. To attract clients, you need to use compassion and treat your prospective clients with respect, especially when crafting your replies.

Besides, you need to choose your words carefully to ensure they are enticing to clients. You can also use a contest or promotions to attract more customers, or use a social media manager to promote your brand for you.

Another channel to advertise your real estate property is through direct mail. According to a research by DMA.org, email marketing is an efficient way to market your home as a realtor. All you need to do is narrow your target audience, get their mails, and customize your words to fit them. Direct mail for realtors needs to highlight the advantages of buying into a neighborhood—here, you can capitalize on the benefits of meaningful photographs.

These mailings are significantly popular with the adults as they seem safe and personal. There are several hacks to ensure that direct mail for realtors look serious including the use of oversized envelopes. It is also essential to follow up the direct mail, especially using technology, to ensure that your target recipient receives your mail.

4. Follow Up After Sales with a Thank You Card or Gift

Success in the real estate industry requires you to establish long-lasting relationships with your clients’ even after a sale. Do not shut out a client after you have successfully sold them a house. Instead, keep in touch by sending them a gift to say thank you.

A gift goes a long way in creating new referrals, and this could set your business on a winning streak. A simple gift might turn your business into a success and give you new networks to expand your business.

5. Keep in Touch with Your Clients

Your clients consider you an expert in real estate, and you should keep in touch with them. If they ask you questions, answer them promptly and accurately. Treating your customers right helps because they recommend you to other clients. The more referral you get, the more your business will expand, bringing you more profits.




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