4 Tips For Creating a Brighter Home

 Tips For Creating a Brighter Home

One of the most popular requirements when buying a new home is for it to be “bright and airy” and this is an expression used by many prospective buyers on home-buying programs. It’s important to live in a bright environment as it creates energy and is representative of vitality. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep homes bright, so what can you do to ensure your home is a constant flow of mood-boosting happy light?

Consider your furniture

Firstly, you should consider the color and placement of your furniture items. Dark wood can suck the light from any room and if your room doesn’t have much natural light, it’s important to choose light furniture to avoid a dark and dreary feel. If you don’t want to buy new furniture items you could try painting wood using high-quality wood paint to create a “shabby-chic” style for brightness. There are many wood paint brands to choose from and they can transform dark and dismal items into a unique style that will create more light in your home.

You should also be mindful about where you place the furniture. Avoid placing bulky items in front of, or near natural light sources such as doors and windows. You could try drawing a floor plan with measurements to help you decide how best to position your furniture for maximum brightness.

It may be that your house is simply too small to effectively use the furniture you have or to store items you have collected. If you decide you have to part with some much-loved objects for the sake of your sanity you could look at some of the storage options at storagearea.com; you can keep items elsewhere, therefore freeing up space in your home in order to create a more efficient and functional space that is bright and clutter-free.

Use creative lighting

Unfortunately, we can’t change a north-facing room or force more natural light into a room that is positioned where the sun rarely reaches it; but we can use lighting to make a room seem brighter.

Floor and ceiling lights provide a good source of overall brightness and are useful in rooms such as the kitchen where you perform many tasks. If you are lighting a room such as the living room where you predominantly relax, then several soft lights may be all you need to make a dark room feel cozy and calm. Floor and table lamps are useful as they reflect light off the walls and make the overall space brighter.

Use mirrors

Mirrors work to brighten a room by bouncing light, especially when placed opposite a window. The light from outside will brighten even the darkest corner of the room. You should carefully angle the mirror so that it reflects the appropriate area or object.

Paint and clean the room

It may seem like a simple task, but cleaning the windows and washing the walls will naturally make a room feel bigger and brighter. Neutral-colored paint and light textiles such as curtains, cushions, and rugs will all contribute to a brighter environment.

Having a home to be proud of and to relax in is crucial for your wellbeing and overall happiness; but remember, you don’t need to spend lots of money to make small changes and make a difference in the space you have.


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