17 North Parade Releases Reggae Anthology – Joe Gibbs: Scorchers From The Early Years 1967-73 with Classic Rocksteady and Reggae Hits

MIRAMAR – Joe Gibbs: Scorchers From The Early Years 1967-73, available everywhere on April 14, 2009, is an amazing collection of Rocksteady & Reggae hits from the late 60’s and early 70’s, that helped break reggae internationally.

This essential jam packed 2 CD anthology, produced mainly by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Niney The Observer for Joe Gibbs, features the genre’s most influential icons and marks a momentous time in musical history.

This 17 North Parade release from the Reggae Anthology series contains many special edits only available on this album.

Crucial hits from the Rocksteady period can be seen on Disc One (1967-69). Highlights include Roy Shirley’s “Hold Them”, considered by many as the first ever song for the genre, the international chart topper “You’re Gonna Need Me”, a Barbara Lynn cover sung by Errol Dunkley at only 13 years old and mega scorcher “The Upsetter/Upsetter Version” by the musical mastermind Lee Perry & Deejay pioneer Dennis Alcapone.

Disc Two (1969-73) begins with the early reggae hits including “Love of The Common People” by singer Nicky Thomas which “practically defines the term pop reggae…with its infectious island rhythm and thick string arrangement,” according to All Music Guide. The Joe Gibbs set then transitions into more classic reggae sounds like the “The Gardener” by songstress Julie Anne aka Judy Mowatt, who later became the former Bob Marley backing vocalist with the I-Threes, and also “Maga Dog/Skanky Dog” by the one and only reggae marvel Peter Tosh and deejay Winston Scotland.

Both discs encapsulate a musical era from one man’s work, the legendary Joe Gibbs. Nostalgic to many and enlightening to others, no matter the walk of life, Scorchers From The Early Years 1967-73 is a must have for the avid music collector.

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