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Young Jamaican Girls Powerful Vision Lands them a Spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show

CHICAGO – When Susan McKenzie sent her story to the Oprah Winfrey show about how much the best selling book “The Secret” changed her family’s outlook on life, she wasn’t prepared for the series of events that would follow. On Friday February 4th, Susan, her husband Damian and their two children: 9-year-old Brittany, a 3rd grader at Acreage Elementary and 12-year-old Dominique, a 7th grader at Western Pines Middle (both located in Palm Beach, Florida), were flown out to Chicago for a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show.

Susan, who truly believes in the power of The Secret, sent in her story just days before she was contacted by a producer who wanted to talk to her about the Law of Attraction. “She was very interested in our story,” Susan said. “And she was especially interested in what my girls had to say.” Brittany and Dominique have strong views about the Law of Attraction, something that the book speaks about in great detail. Both girls created a “Vision Board” which helps them to visualize their short and long term goals. Dominique’s vision board listed things she wanted to accomplish like getting her black belt in Karate, meeting the Dalai Lama and yes, appearing on the Oprah show. “It was so awesome meeting Oprah,” Dominique said. “She really liked our vision boards and she told us how proud she was of us. It was an amazing experience.”

For Dominique and Brittany the Oprah show may prove to be just the beginning of a long list of accomplishments to come. In addition to starting their own company- KIDS AT HEART-The girls will be receiving honorary youth certificates from the national mentoring organization Life Success, a company started by The Secret’s author Bob Proctor.

Both Brittany and Dominique agree that helping other children realize that they can be successful is very important to them. “Our company is going to reach out to kids who are less fortunate and tell them all about the Law of Attraction,” said Brittany. “We want to be positive role models and help them reach their goals.”

The show will be a continuation of a show that aired on Monday June 16th entitled The Secret behind the Secret and the show will air this Friday, June 27, 2008.. “Everyone is so excited for us and especially for the girls,” Susan said. “We run a family business and have always taught the girls to go after what they want in life and the vision board is a tool that reinforces that. We want them to KNOW that they can do anything they set their mind to doing. We want our girls to always dream big,” she said.

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