Wyclef Colloborates With St.Kitts Superstar Infamus In Memorable Concert Performance

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Grammy award winning artiste Wyclef Jean joined rising Kittitian superstar, Infamus in what many termed the most memorable musical performance in recent times.

Wyclef Jean met Infamus when he was invited to be the headline act at a Concert held at St.Kitts’ Warner Park Stadium.

The Haitian born artiste during his astounding performance told thousands that he heard a song playing the previous night and liked it.

Just as the beat for Inafmus’ first big hit ‘21 Gun Salute (We Miss You)’ began playing the crowd reacted with a massive uproar as they were thrilled to see their very own being recognized by the megastar.

Infamus entered the stage letting the viewers know that he was there to represent as he shouted his now famous line “Infamus a Represent !!!!!!”

He performed his two hit singles and did a impromptu performance with Wyclef Jean for ‘Feel like Crying’.

“I like your songs,” Jean declared. “Them tunes need to be on 106 & Park, We gotta work on that. I got to go back and talk to them people and tell them I saw something tonight.”

Jean’s statement followed with an eruption of cheers once more from the massive crowd and both artistes continued performing together with freestyles and an on the spot remix for Jean’s hit ‘Sweetest Girl’.

This collaborative performance came about after a member of Jean’s band along with his manager made contact with Infamus the night before.

According to Infamus’ Manager Diego Spanner, Jean’s manager was amazed at the crowd’s reaction when the DJ played ‘Feel Like Crying’ during his set. They then observed a young boy singing the song as if he knew every word.

“He then asked the little boy what was the name of the artiste, because it appeared to them as if it was an international song as everyone was into it,” he said. “The boy then corrected their initial assumption by boldly stating, “He’s from right here! His name is Infamus!”

When Jean’s manager managed to get in contact with Infamus later that evening he expressed his liking for the music and thought it would be good to have him perform with Wyclef Jean.

Upon Jean’s arrival to the island the following day, Infamus was thrilled to receive a follow up phone call from the international star, which confirmed the collaborative performance.

Jean’s team also highlighted their anxiety to have the young artiste record in there state of the art studio back in New York along with the possibilities of being contracted to Yclef Records. Yclef Records is a record label owned by Jean and their aim is to showcase talents from all hidden corners of the world.

Performing live on stage with Wyclef Jean has been the greatest experience in the career of this young artiste, who possess a unique singing style he expresses as “Life & Times”.

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