World Bank sponsored health system training makes Saint Lucia more self-sufficient

ST. LUCIA – Saint Lucia now has the capacity to redefine or shape its health system to meet the needs of the health sector.

Earlier this month five (5) persons from the National Health IT team, comprising of Universal Health Care and Ministry of Health officials returned from Canada capable of modifying and understanding the intricacies of development technologies and writing source code for building our health information system.

This training is part of a strategy to strengthen Saint Lucia’s health information management system and to ensure that the island becomes self sufficient by developing and strengthening its internal capacity to further expand the system.

The training course took place in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada at the offices of Accesstec Inc. for a period of 5 weeks. Three weeks in the first instance and 2 weeks subsequently. A final one week examination will ensue shortly to test the capabilities of the team to develop and add various public health screens to the health system.

This will undoubtedly ensure Saint Lucia’s health information system remains relevant and Saint Lucia remains self directed into the foreseeable future because of its capacity strengthening program.

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