Why Restaurants Need Time Tracking Tools

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Running a restaurant needs a solid plan and lots of dedication because a drop in quality can significantly reduce your business. This requires streamlining operations in a way that there is absolutely no wastage – neither of materials nor of labor.

Time tracking tools have proven to be a valuable addition to the set of tech tools used by various restaurants. Not only is a time tracking software very easy to use, it also ensures you have accurate digital records of time consumed by every resource.

Here’s what time tracking tools can do for your restaurant:

  • Scheduling and managing different shifts efficiently:

The biggest benefit of using a time tracking software for your restaurant is to manage employee work schedules without any confusion. Using tech tools to track employee time will ease the process of managing the various shifts.

Statistics from time tracking software enable you to organize employee shifts based on their availability. It also allows you to share the schedule with the staff with its communication features. 

  • Keeping track of employee work activity:

This is the primary function of the time tracking software. It helps you monitor how each employee in the restaurant chain is using their time. With the accurate records presented by the software, restaurant owners can rest assured that every activity is being tracked.

It also helps in preventing time theft or inaccurate records. Time theft is dangerous for restaurants as it can lead to a decline in their profits. 

  • Paying accurate wages on time:

It’s not easy hiring skilled restaurant staff and training them for your setup. Restaurants need to ensure that their employees are being paid accurate wages in order to retain them for the long term.

A time tracking software provides accurate records with the help of timesheets so employees get paid for their hard work without aunty delay. It also ensures you don’t end up paying any excessive wages and suffer losses due to manual time records.

  • Increasing employee productivity:

Managing a large team and ensuring their productivity can get overwhelming for restaurant owners. When you monitor an employee’s work through time tracking software, they are bound to stay focused.

When they become more conscious of how they are spending their time, they end up working more productively. It also increases accountability of work from the employee end and brings to light any unhealthy work habits.

  • Understanding what works for your restaurant:

To be able to understand how to earn more revenue, you need to evaluate business and customer patterns. This becomes easy with the help of the reports generated by the time tracking software.

It also helps in examining prices being charged for the items being served. For instance, if the time tracking data reveals that a certain item on the menu takes very long as compared to the price being charged for it, you can update the prices for it to justify the time spent.

  • Payroll integration:

You may be using a couple of different softwares to make your operations smooth and quick. Integrating them to have all the data stored together can make it easy to find common information without much hassle.

Especially for payroll, it is necessary to have time records of employees in order to generate accurate payroll information. With the help of integration features in a time tracking software, you can import timesheets to calculate accurate wages for paying employees. 


Using tools to automate certain restaurant operations is highly necessary to ensure the workflow is efficient. It saves a lot of valuable time and prevents manual theft. A time tracking software is one of the most important tools that you must use to enhance your restaurant’s performance.



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