Why Cultural Identity is Crucial to Online Marketing

On a personal level, our cultural identity is a source of pride and inspiration. In today’s globalized society, cultures have settled the world over and often thousands of miles from where their family laid roots just a few short decades ago.

Wherever we go, we take a slice of our own culture with us. The Caribbean community in South Florida is a solid example of that, with aspects of Caribbean cuisine, fashion, and language transported across the sea.

Of course, the Caribbean culture in South Florida is distinct from other parts of the world, as elements of local culture contribute to creating something unique. Cuisine and fashion in particular can be combined with local tastes and a new way of life is established.

It’s easy to see why cultural identity is so important on a personal level, but it also plays a growing role in the marketing of brands online. Today, more than ever, brands tap into global cultures to create a product that appeals to a particular audience. In this article, we will be exploring those trends.

Caribbean Culture in Entertainment

One sector in particular where cultural themes are utilized to market products is the world of online gambling, and there is a great example here of Caribbean culture being used as a marketing tool to attract customers.

Beachside Bonanza, which is one of the bingo scratch cards available through Paddy Power, features palm trees, white sandy beaches, and a tranquil, blue ocean, whisking players away to a Caribbean paradise.

Other games to feature a Caribbean vibe that features on the platform are Captain’s Treasure, which boasts a Pirates of the Caribbean look and feel, as well as Chests of Plenty, which uses visual devices such as palm trees and rolling sandy beaches to make the game more enticing.

Paradise Reels takes this a step further with the use of a coconut cocktail – often popular with tourists to the islands, while there are many others than use pirate imagery to convey feelings of excitement and adventure.

It’s clear that Caribbean culture is a popular marketing tool for developers of casino games, but it’s just one example of the tactics used to attract new and existing players, with countless international cultures used across the platform.

Why Cultural Identity is Crucial to Online Marketing

East and West

Casino games draw inspiration from across the globe in the development of their titles, with Irish and Chinese culture featuring particularly prominently. Both cultures have strong ties to superstitions around luck and good fortune, so it’s no surprise that they are used so frequently in games.

Why Cultural Identity is Crucial to Online Marketing
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Games to borrow an Irish theme include Clover Rollover, Rainbow Riches, and Irish Magic, while Chinese culture is represented in titles such as Fortune Coin, Dragon’s Luck, and Xingyun Baozhu. Players selecting games featuring these themes will naturally be hoping that luck is on their side!

Wherever you turn, the influence of cultural identity on marketing is undeniably significant and will likely continue to be for many years to come. This can only be a positive thing in an era of diversity and inclusion.



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