What famous coaches forbid soccer players

famous soccer coaches

Every famous soccer coach is an extraordinary person. Therefore, in their style of work sometimes you can notice some strange things. Most often it concerns the prohibitions that coaches impose on the players of their teams. Some restrictions are understandable, however, some are hard to explain.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The legendary mentor of Manchester United was very demanding but did not impose serious restrictions on his charges. One ban, however, became known to the public. Once Chevrolet, the title sponsor of the team, decided to give players free expensive cars of its production. Ferguson intervened: according to his requirements, only athletes over the age of 23 were entitled to such cars.

Luis Enrique

The coach of the Spanish national team at once forbade the players to leave the location of the team and meet with their families during the training camp. Also, athletes are not allowed to use smartphones at meals and go shopping in Madrid.

Claudio Ranieri

Leicester is not performing well in the EPL this season. Ranieri has discovered the reason why. Previously all players were given burgers after the game. After his recommendations, the greasy meal was replaced with pasta. Let’s see how it will affect Leicester’s game. You can bet on the team’s performance at favorable odds at bookmakers from the list on

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal’s longtime mentor did not allow his players to eat chocolate bars. Wenger’s charges were so stunned and unhappy by this demand that they chanted several times on the club bus calling for the sweets to be returned. But the coach remained adamant.

Louis Van Gaal 

As soon as the Dutchman took charge of Bayern, the club’s players faced a ban on going to discos. Van Gaal even hired several private investigators to monitor how his charges were complying with his injunction.

Thomas Tuchel

The Chelsea coach has imposed a ban on playing upright soccer. He insists on moving the ball diagonally. To achieve this goal, Tuchel has instructed that the training field should be marked out in the shape of a diamond. In addition, he forbids the players to eat bread, a rule which he has maintained for many years.

Josep Guardiola

As soon as the Spaniard took over at the helm of Manchester City, he banned the use of the Internet at the club’s base. At all. The players began to rebel, but Guardiola did not change his decision. He is convinced that the players should communicate more with each other.

Jose Mourinho

This illustrious coach insists on almost the same thing. He does not allow his players to use social media two days before a match or post photos of training and recovery sessions.


Coming to his native Barcelona as a coach, Xavi immediately began to set strict rules. So, the players should arrive at the base one and a half hours before training. And they must return home no later than midnight. In addition, the players of the Catalan club must not jump with parachutes, engage in extreme sports, or often fly by plane.

Steven Gerrard

The Aston Villa coach imposed a ban on puddings, soda, hot chocolate, and mayonnaise. But you can eat sweets, especially the day before the match. Gerrard believes it helps boost energy.

Antonio Conte

Since his arrival, ketchup, mayonnaise, and sandwiches have been banned at Tottenham. For some reason, you cannot drink fruit juices either, but the players should eat fruits as often as possible.

David Moyes

The former Manchester United coach was furious about French fries on the players’ plates. There was no explicit ban on eating this side dish, but the players decided not to take any chances.


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