Western Union Offers Direct To Bank Sender Options In these Challenging Times

Western Union Offers Direct To Bank Sender Options In these Challenging Times

DENVER – Western Union (NYSE: WU) has  informed its money transfer customers that the Company’s money movement network stands ready to help customers deliver vital financial support to friends and families around the world in these challenging times.

Customers can choose to send funds via Western Union’s increasingly adopted digital channels or its vast retail network.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Western Union understands that some of its customers may look for alternate ways of sending money to their loved ones. Certain retail Agent locations have suspended operations in connection to COVID-19 preventative measures. Western Union is encouraging customers to opt for digital money transfers offered through and the Western Union Mobile App.

Direct To Bank Sender Markets – Jamaica

What is the ‘Direct to Bank’ Money Transfer option with Western Union®?

Direct to bank money transfer allows you to send a money transfer directly to your receiver’s bank account in Jamaica. You can send a transfer from (i) a Western Union agent location, (ii) Online from*, or (iii) via the WU App*. *Where available. 

What do I need to do to send a money transfer direct to a bank account in Jamaica?
  1. Make sure you have all the bank details for your receiver. You should have:
    1. Receiver name and telephone number
    2. Bank name
    3. Official bank branch name (As shown on statement)
    4. Receiver’s Bank account number
  1. Follow the steps below based on how you want to send the money transfer.
  • Find your nearest agent location.
  • Go to the counter with your ID, the receiver’s contact information, bank name and bank account information.
  • Give the agent all the information, funds you are sending and payment amount (fee**).
  • Save your receipt with the tracking number (MTCN).
  • Share the tracking number (MTCN) number with your receiver to track the transfer!
Does my Receiver need to do anything?

Yes! Your receiver should visit a Western Union® agent location and register their bank account details. They will need to take:

  1. A MyWU number. If they don’t have one, they can get one at a Western Union agent location. They can also sign up for one at
  2. Any of the following ID’s*:
    1. Jamaica Drivers License
    2. Jamaica National + TRN
    3. Passport + TRN

*Note: If at any time you expect to send more than US$2,000 in a single transaction, your receiver MUST have 2 ID’s on file in your registration.

  1. Proof of current address
  2. A current telephone/ mobile number
  3. Proof of current occupation
  4. Their banking details:
    1. Name of their bank
    2. Official Name of the bank branch (as shown on statement)
    3. Their account number
  5. Proof of account ownership (One of the following: Bank statement; Bank Book; Digital Screen shot showing full name on account and account number in the same view; Cancelled cheque; or Letter from the bank to the customer with the customer name and account number shown).
 What if my receiver does NOT register with a Western Union® agent location?

We have that covered! You can still send a direct to bank transfer if you have all the receiver’s bank information.

We will make three (3) attempts to contact the receiver to come in and complete the registration process. If successful, the transfer will be released within 24 hours.

Your receiver will have up to seven (7) days to complete the registration. If not completed within that time, the transfer will automatically be returned to you, the sender at the end of the 7th day.

 What banks can a money transfer be sent to?

The following banks are supported at this time are:

  1. First Global Bank (FGB)
  2. National Commercial Bank (NCB)
  3. Scotiabank (Scotia)
  4. First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB)
  5. Sagicor

Please call the Jamaica Customer Service Centre at 876-926-2454 to receive the latest information (additional banks and credit unions, etc.). 

How long does a direct to bank transfer take?

Timing is everything! Depending on the time the transaction is sent, your transaction will be received by the transaction by the times noted below.

  • For transfers to FGB, NCB and Scotia Bank accounts, transfers sent before 3:45pm local Jamaica time are generally deposited the same business day.
  • For all other banks, transfer will generally be completed by the next business day.

Delivery times can be affected subject to Receiver Registration, and this can take up to 7 days if a Receiver has not completed registration at a Western Union agent location in Jamaica. A Receiver has up to 7 days to complete registration. If not completed in 7 days, the transaction will be returned to the Sender. 

Can I send a money transfer to my own bank account in Jamaica?

Yes. You can send a money transfer to your own bank, if you are a registered user of the service in Jamaica.

 What if I have a problem with the transfer?

Please contact your local Customer Service Centre.

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