Voters of Tomorrow: “Best Thing DeSantis Has Ever Done for Gen Z”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Voters of Tomorrow, a Gen Z-led nonpartisan organization that harnesses the political power of young Americans, today issued the following statement following the news that Ron DeSantis has suspended his campaign for president.

Ron DeSantis Immigration Bill
Gov. Ron DeSantis

Dropping out of the race for president is the best thing that Ron DeSantis has ever done for Gen Z. In his time as Florida’s governor, DeSantis has terrorized Black and LGBTQ+ students. DeSantis attacked teachers and banned history and books. DeSantis signed an extreme abortion ban. DeSantis failed Floridians on the economy, opposing higher wages and waging a selfish war on Disney. DeSantis abandoned climate science for politics. DeSantis prevented young people from getting life-saving treatment for gender dysphoria. DeSantis stood with Moms for Liberty over real moms and their students. DeSantis ushered in voter suppression. DeSantis downplayed the January 6 Capitol attack and opposed supporting Capitol Police. DeSantis failed to acknowledge the 2020 election results for almost three years. DeSantis enacted dangerous gun policies, choosing the NRA over young lives. DeSantis implemented extreme immigration measures that endanger human life.

“Ron DeSantis, thanks for dropping out. But thanks for nothing else.”


Voters of Tomorrow is a Gen Z-led nonpartisan organization that engages and represents young Americans in politics and government. With chapters in 20 states and a volunteer presence in all 50, Voters of Tomorrow takes a locally based, multifaceted approach to engaging young voters. Learn more at votersoftomorrow.org.


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