USA to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

USA to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019WASHINGTON, DC – With 10 days to the start of  Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) USA 2019 – November  18-24, more than four hundred and twenty-one events have been registered on the web site of Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Eighty American organizations have come together to sponsor – and to “connect and celebrate ”entrepreneurs and their contributions to economic growth and job creation.

Caribbean entrepreneurs at home and in the diaspora will join in the celebrations.

Besides the official partners of GEW USA 2019, several organizations will host official GEW events in cities across the USA for building the capacity of the country’s entrepreneurs or for helping them to generate sales during the week.

We encourage Caribbean business support organizations and Caribbean diaspora entrepreneurs to come out in carnival style numbers to celebrate our entrepreneurs, and to cooperate for driving growth and scaling-up across diasporic markets including the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and markets beyond the United Kingdom.

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) will lead more than 170 countries, including the USA, in celebrating the event.  The four official themes for this year’s celebration are ecosystems, policy, education, and inclusion.

The GEW focus on ecosystems is intended to drive collaboration and partnerships in promising “mid-tier” cities. Business leaders note that many “mid-tier ” cities need economic revitalization; the economies of most are based on agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing, hunting and related primary production.

For Policy, the focus is on recognizing the role of government in enabling the growth of entrepreneurs and their businesses. The second thrust is for engaging governments for their support through regulations that drive the growth in number and diversity of businesses, as well their pace of scaling-up.

Organizers of the GEW note that education seeks to open minds to the “what is” and “hows” of entrepreneurship, plus opportunities that abound― starting with children, through the different stages of our lives, and educational journeys.

They also  note that the theme “Inclusion” recognizes that entrepreneurship does not come on a level playing field, but that there are barriers related to “race, age, gender, or where one lives”, GEN will highlight startup champions around the world that are helping to remove those obstacles.

“We are committed to designing market systems development solutions for ensuring more Americans with Caribbean roots can start and grow big businesses from which the ethnic flavor pops―in the USA as well as in all other diasporic markets of the region,” said Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse Limited, a Toronto-based management consultancy.

“We look forward to seeing the growth of businesses that understand that even in creole or patois, the quality feature in your customer service can never be spelt qualuty”.  As IBM puts it “you can’t spell quality without the “I”.  To be in business without the customer at the core is to be out of business.  No buy Caribbean or buy Black will help you once you have fired the boss―that is the customer.

“So, let us bear in mind and in our actions that customer service means reliable, reassuring, courteous, demonstrated competence, looks good, is empathetic, honest, and responsive”.

“Let us remember, that we cannot grow a strong Black or Caribbean business ecosystem in isolation, we need collaboration, co-creation, and competition to meet curiosity, creativity and shared learning among entrepreneurs of all ethnicities, academia, researchers, media, and governments in host and home cities.  The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and its partners are on a mission to make that a reality for our community.”

Partnering organizations such as Magate Wildhorse Ltd and South Florida Caribbean News, The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (The CoP) will host official GEW events in which Caribbean entrepreneurs in the USA and at home are welcome to participate.

Among them are The CoP Strategy Planning Charrette and stakeholder engagements for the upcoming BIDEM 2020 International Diaspora Entrepreneurs Conference and Trade Show (join from your town).

Click here to book your seat at the event.

This year Magate Wildhorse Ltd and The Caribbean Camera will focus on Inclusion, and Ecosystems―with the aim of helping Caribbeans to understand the importance of inclusion by and among all groups of entrepreneurs and enablers of entrepreneur growth and development.

Facilitating collaboration among peoples of African descent will also be a feature of this year’s celebration.

GEW headquarters is based in the USA and is sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation.

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