3 Reasons to Choose Barrel Shipping for Caribbean Shipments

FORT LAUDERDALE – When it comes to packing your shipment for the Caribbean, you have a number of choices. You could put it in a cardboard box, tape it up, and ship it out. In many cases, that’s a fine choice, but boxes do have limitations. They can only carry a limited amount of weight, and cardboard doesn’t provide the highest level of protection for fragile items.

That’s why many shippers opt for barrel shipping to the Caribbean.

3 Reasons to Choose Barrel Shipping for Caribbean Shipments

When you choose barrel shipping for your Caribbean shipments, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages, including:

  1. Consolidate your goods—Rather than packing several different boxes, you can consolidate all of your goods into a single barrel, saving a lot of space and reducing your shipping costs significantly.
  2. Protect your goods—Barrels are sturdy and durable, offering a level of protection that simply can’t be matched by a cardboard box and most other shipping containers.
  3. Accommodate all types of commodities—The great thing about barrels is they can accommodate all different kinds of commodities, from dry goods to bottles of wine.

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