US Extraditions must Uphold Jamaican Law

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Government of Jamaica has assured United States authorities of its full support in extradition and other matters, consistent with its obligations and upholding Jamaican law, Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding told the House of Representatives, Tuesday (March 2).

“We have assured the U.S. authorities of our full support in all extraditions, and other matters consistent with our obligations under these treaties and arrangements, and the upholding of Jamaican law,” Mr. Golding said.

The Prime Minister said his Government has taken note of the US Narcotics Control Strategy Report of March 2010.

“The report, while acknowledging that co-operation between Jamaican and U.S. law enforcement agencies remains strong, reflects negatively on the effectiveness of our efforts to combat organised crime, drug trafficking and corruption, as well as the delays in enacting legislation to strengthen these efforts,” he said.

Mr. Golding rejected the report’s accusation of “unfounded allegations questioning U.S. compliance with the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and Jamaican law,” and questioning the Government’s commitment to law enforcement co-operation with the United States.

“The Minister of Justice, in authorising extradition proceedings, has a duty to satisfy herself that they conform to the provisions of Jamaican law. As Minister and, specifically, as Attorney-General, she cannot authorise processes which she knows to be in violation of Jamaican law,” he stated.

The Prime Minister assured the House the report is being carefully examined and a detailed statement will be made in the Senate on Friday by the Minister of National Security, Hon. Dwight Nelson

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