Police Brutality Transcends All Boundaries: How To Avoid Police Brutality

Police Brutality Transcends All Boundaries: How To Avoid Police Brutality

Seeing Into the Future: Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?Police brutality involves practicing unwarranted force afflicting someone physically, psychologically, or emotionally by police, that constitutes an abuse of office or official misconduct. The police orchestrate the brutality in the prevention of an alleged crime outside the police procedure.

There have been many efforts from individuals, communities and the public to cease or mitigate police brutality. However, the efforts have not aided in curbing the various acts undertaken by the authorities that are outside the law. There are a lot of things to fight against, aside from police using excessive force. The legal protection offered to police, the racism permeability in police departments, the zero-tolerance policies of police, the aggression when it comes to defense, the inadequate training and, psychological output.

Different bodies address different issues when it comes to police brutality. The use of body cameras on police, improving training sessions, reducing military techniques, review boards, and legislating rules that reduce brutality are highly advocated.

Police Brutality History

The history of brutality stretches way back to the 18th century. This was when the slave trade was legal. The authorities were charged with the responsibility of supervising and disciplining African American slaves. The treatment was extremely harsh and unwarranted. After the revolution, the police were only focused on restricting certain freedoms of people from African American descent.

By the 19th century, police departments had copped up in most cities in the United States. The police, at this point were known for their corrupt nature as well as their brutality. Politicians in the area dictated Their functions.

After the Civil War, there were more groups cropping up that advocated for better treatment to laborers. This translated to more strikes around the nation. However, the efforts were curtailed by the rich involving the police. The department would use extreme force to drive out protestors or even make mass arrests.

By the end of the 19th century, the nation adopted Jim Crow laws. The laws widened the gap between African Americans and Caucasians. There was segregation in schools, restaurants, and all the public areas. This sparked a rise in the war against African Americans. The authorities turned a blind eye towards violent acts against Black Americans.

Recently, the prevalence of police brutality is frowned upon even by Caucasians. There is a public outrage towards the policeman who killed George Floyd. The African American man died in Minneapolis after the officer kneeled on his neck for an elongated time. The act has sporadically caused many to see the racism in the system. There are many free essays on brutality exercised by the authorities online. These are mere examples of people who have faced injustice due to racial discrimination or inflexibility of the system towards corrupt officers.

Police Brutality Transcends All Boundaries: How To Avoid Police Brutality

How To Avoid Police Brutality

The main idea of creating real change in law enforcement is to transform attitudes.  Making the officers more accountable will not cease the extreme measures they take. The society at large must change its policies and structures to accommodate African Americans as equals.

The policies in health, housing, education, and food reflect on a lack of decency towards African Americans. The policies showcase blacks as being the center of the problem. However, the system is created based on discrimination, seclusion, and oppression.

Police brutality is not merely an officer having ill misconduct and a lack of discipline. The depth of the matter goes far, and beyond them, the government policies should be looked into thoroughly. The examples of essays on police brutality will offer more examples in cases of such misconduct and ways to reform. There are many ways to curb the misconduct of these officials when it comes to instilling the law.

The use of immunity by police officers who have perpetrated criminal activities in the community should be ceased. Many officers are not subject to the laws or policies that the department is under. According to their title or position, they can easily get away with anything. The officers who use force will be liable after the abolition of such immunity. They should be laid off and continue to face the cases against them. Officers who are not punished because of damages, however punitive, tend to add more salt to the fire eventually.


Misconduct by law enforcers should be taken seriously. The prevalence is growing each day to a new height. No one should have to die so that we can gauge the seriousness of the matter. Any law enforcer who has engaged in any misconduct should be laid off immediately. This should be followed up with an investigation and court case against the individual.

There is also a need to abolish specific tactics in arresting individuals. Officers should refrain from using excessive force in arresting individuals who have committed minor crimes. Policies should be reformed to stipulate the nature of arrest in each situation. Some responses are completely unjust towards certain petty crimes.

The police department should also avoid employing individuals who have a military background in the force. The officers admitted to the force should not have the same psychology as an individual who has dealt with extreme violence. These officers’ main aim is to keep the peace and not win the war.

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