Unique Gifts Every Foodie Will Love

Do you have a fiery interest in food? Are you passionate about the food you eat? If you are all of that, then you are considered a foodie. A foodie eats not out of hunger but out of interest and passion for food. They allot a big portion of their time researching new recipes and interesting food items, and they find ways to make a delicious dish.

Unique Gifts for Foodie

They love discovering new techniques and use trending ingredients. Knowing or having a foodie friend will also be adventurous for you in the sense that you’ll want to deserve unique things as a gift for them, gifts that a foodie would love to have and own. In this article, you will know some unique gifts that every foodie will love, read on to know some of them.

Mushroom Log Kit

Shiitake is one of the most edible and expensive fungi on the market. Every hotel and distinguished restaurant has this in their kitchen. All foodies will surely love its meaty texture and flavor. And the idea that it is growing right in your kitchen is amazing. On the other hand, the log can either be an oak tree or a sweet gum tree. The tree branch is cut into logs and planted with shiitake spores inside. You will have just to soak the logs and put them somewhere dark, dump, and cold. Your waiting will not be long, for, in just a few weeks, you will be harvesting your very own shiitake mushroom. Resoak it, and you will enjoy harvesting every six weeks for 3 years. Surely a foodie will love having their own mushroom log kit..

Bacon Roses Dark Chocolate

One of the most delicious and healthy kinds of chocolates is dark chocolate. What makes it interesting is the sold-fashioned maple candied bacon roses dipped in the sumptuous dark chocolate. Giving this gift collection to your friend and loved one will surely make them excited. The exciting mixture of taste will be delectable for their palate.

Unique Gifts Every Foodie

Seasoning Vials

They say that the best gifts come in small packages, then these seasoning vials are the apt choice. The vials with stuffers encased in a wooden box are perfect for a foodie selection. You can fill it with all the spices you need, like salt, pepper, chili, paprika, cinnamon, rosemary, and a lot more. It is handy too, so you can bring the whole set if you want it with you on your travel. Try to give this gift to your friend, and it will be appreciated.

Wine Rack

Every foodie would enjoy a sip of wine together with their food. Drinking wine while eating your well-prepared dish makes it a more enjoyable experience. The concept of pairing wine with their food is important to a foodie that is why a plastic wine rack easily accessible for them is advisable. A minimalist, three or four-bottle wine rack is the best gift for them. They can stack their favorite brand of wine on it. It can either be wood or a brass kind.

Unique Gifts Every Foodie Will Love

A Box Of Cheese

Cheese is synonymous with cooking, if a dish has cheese in it even without tasting it, people will know that it’s delicious. For a foodie, cheese can be very interesting. Why it is so delicious and how it makes any food so tasty to how many kinds of cheese there are. Giving a box of a carefully selected variety of cheese or a charcuterie board will surely put a smile on any foodie you know.

A Book on Japanese Cooking

Preparing Japanese food is an art, it will be a challenge for a foodie to learn all about it. All of the foodie’s fervent interest will be used in researching and preparing Japanese cuisine. Japanese food, in general, is delicious. They are skillfully and beautifully prepared. Sometimes you don’t even want to eat it because you don’t want to change its looks. Giving them a book to own is a great gift for them.

Giving gifts brings back happiness to people. It is important that you spent time thinking of the thing that suits your loved ones and friends personally. It may not be expensive, but it can be unique. You can even make it personalized. A foodie friend can not be only interested in food but can also be enticed with unique gifts that you can find. There are many things that you can choose from that even you will want one for yourself. Give your foodie friend a unique gift that you can both enjoy.



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