Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands of Thailand

Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands of Thailand

Traveling to Thailand’s islands is already an adventure, and while they have some of the best beaches in the world, everyone needs a break from lolling in the sand from time to time. No matter where you fall on the mellow-to-adrenaline junkie continuum, the islands in southern Thailand have something for everyone. With hundreds of islands to choose from, you may even want to get a map a to keep track of your travels.


Cultured pearls, that is. A visit to a pearl farm is a must, and you get to combine adventure with education as you learn all about the fascinating history of pearl culture. Regular flights from Bangkok to Phuket make it a hub for most travelers, and a pearl farm is conveniently located right in Phuket. After the intriguing and informative tour, you may wish to pick up a souvenir, such as pearl rings or pearl pendants to remind you of your visit.

By the way, if you’ve caught the pearl passion, you can consider making a stop in Tahiti to check out the land of the mysterious black pearls.


Turn your world upside down with a visit to Baan Teelanka, aka the Upside-Down House. Literally everything is inverted, from the car parked outside to the base of the house three stories above. Want more? Head out to explore the 10,000-square foot garden maze.

Baan Teelanka  - Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands Of Thailand


Your eyes are deceiving you: the beautiful cabaret singers really are men. Simon Cabaret in Patong Beach is the area’s longest-running show, no doubt due to its gorgeous sets and amazing choreography. Note that while you can’t take photos during the performance, the actors are happy to participate in photo sessions after the show.

Ladyboy - Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands Of Thailand


Off the coast of dazzling Koh Lipe is the uninhabited isle of Koh Hingham. Legend has it that the island is protected by the God of Tarutao, and anyone who dares steal a black pebble off the beach will be cursed! Despite this dire warning, dozens of pebbles arrive by mail at the National Park office, along with messages asking to have the curse lifted. To visit Koh Hingham, you can hire a long tail boat or if you’re on an island-hopping tour, a stop at the mysterious Koh Hingham may already be included.


If you’ve never witnessed a Muay Thai boxing match, now’s the perfect time. The Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong Beach hosts regular events. Watching not good enough? You can take classes at one of the many Muay Thai gyms in the area. Sign up for a single session, or stay for a month. Sinbi’s has courses for everyone from beginner to expert level (and it’s only 10 minutes away from the beach), while Sumalee offers yoga and nutrition classes along with boxing.


If getting pampered is more your speed, there’s all types of yoga and Thai massage in the area. While the island of Koh Phangan is famous (and some would say infamous) for its Full Moon Party, it also has a quieter side and is a popular destination for those seeking an earthly paradise. Koh Phangan is a study in contrasts, but one thing that everyone can agree on is its breathtaking natural beauty. The Sanctuary has been around since 1991 and attracts a wide range of guests, from backpacking yogis to execs in need of downtime. Also on Koh Phangan is the Orion Healing Center, offering daily classes, longer workshops and retreats.

On Koh Tao, you can get a fabulous massage right on the beach. Just head over the beach pavilion in Chalok Bay. It’s tiny; they only have three spots so if they happen to be booked, you can always try out Kayo Massage in Sairee Beach.

Staying in Phuket? Head to Coqoon Spa at the Slate Hotel for a superlative massage experience in one of their cozy bamboo ‘coqoons.’

Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands Of Thailand


Thai cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious, and you know you’ll miss it when you head back home. Island Organics on Koh Samui offers daily classes, including special private courses for honeymooners. As you probably figured out by the name, they only use the freshest organic ingredients.

Unique Adventures To Embark On In The Islands Of Thailand

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