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Turks and Caicos Residents get ready for Tomas

TURKS AND CAICOS – Just when Building Materials Ltd Do it Center was preparing to unveil the opening of its 2400 square foot Christmas City and Toyland for the holiday season, a Hurricane Warning was issued for the Turks and Caicos due to late season shocker, Tropical Storm Tomas.

Tomas is forecast to pass right over the islands bringing gusty winds and heavy rains, even localized flooding. The announcement forced Do it Center staff to switch gears, rearranging inventory so that storm supplies would be more readily available to customers in Grand Turks and Providenciales.

“We have all of the essential supplies at Building Materials as we’ve been focusing on making sure we have product in case of a storm and so we have seen a lot of people preparing already but we are encouraging all of you out there to come by and get your storm supplies in case the storm hits us.” said Ken Adams, President of Building Materials Ltd Do it Center.

It is not just the Provo store which has a vast inventory of storm essentials, but Grand Turk has already been seeing increased traffic due to the alerts and warnings by the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies. Mr. Adams assured that the first location is also well stocked: “Grand Turk has always been ready, they have enough stock all through the season and it is surprising to us to see a November storm, but it just proves that we have to always be prepared for a storm at any time and our store has the inventory to help the community with supplies.”

Shoppers looking for flashlights and batteries at BML.

Batteries, lanterns, flash lights, raincoats and plywood were the main movers on Thursday at the Do it Center, and shoppers were also pleased to find they had one-on-one assistance from knowledgeable staff and could still get those Hurricane Supply Kits from last season, at the same mark down of over 30%.

Ken Adams was reassuring about concerns of price gouging.

“Not at BML Do it Center, we just keep our regular prices and we sometimes run specials because of the season; the public can count on that.”

Building Materials Ltd Do it Center will maintain its regular hours unless the weather dictates otherwise.

Shopper getting some advice from BML employee

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