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Tropical Storm Gustav continues to impact Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – As of 6am Aug 29. the Jamaica Office Of Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Management (ODPEM) is advising the Jamaica public that a hurricane warning remains in effect for the entire island as parishes continue to be affected by the torrential rainfall and windy conditions associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.

Reports to the National Emergency Operations Center have revealed that widespread flooding is being experienced across the entire island. Flash flooding and storm surges are expected.



• Extensive flooding have reported primarily over the eastern end of the island

• Communities along the Hope River from Gordon Town, north of Caribbean Terrace encountered flooding

• 30 persons from the Judgment Yard area of August Town are marooned as a result of flood waters.


• Several landslides have occurred in the Gordon Town/Kintyre areas of upper St. Andrew

Affected Communities

• The bridge which connects the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Andrew has been damaged, rendering it impassable

• Several communities in the McGregor Gully area have been affected as the gully has overflowed its bank


76 Shelters are currently opened across the island, housing 1520 persons


• Parish Emergency Operation Centers have been responding to localized situations

• The Bog Walk Gorge remains closed as the water has reached critical levels

• Air lift and rescue operations have been organized for residents in the Judgment Yard Area

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