Trinidadian Reggae Artist Mosiah Unveils Highly Anticipated Debut Album “I-Frequency”

Trinidadian Reggae sensation Mosiah proudly presents his much-awaited debut album, “I-Frequency“, in collaboration with his band Mystic Rockaz, produced by Selector Taylor of Ragatac Records. Two years in the making, this masterpiece promises to redefine the roots and culture of the Reggae genre.

“I-Frequency” boasts a stellar lineup of collaborations with renowned Jamaican artists Teacha Dee, Skarra Mucci, Denham Smith, Trinidadian Elder Son, and Barbadian sensation Tabitha Gerbadian. The album is a testament to Mosiah’s artistic prowess, blending diverse talents and frequencies into a harmonious collection of tracks.

Mosiah album I-FrequencyReflecting on the creative process, Mosiah shared, “I didn’t pick the tracks, the tracks picked me. I don’t usually write, so every song was created with my vybz and frequencies at the time we made the album. I-FREQUENCY. My frequency. Every song has its real-life story.” The artist further emphasized his approach to collaboration, stating, “I also thought of the style of every artist and instead of being selfish and going in my own direction and comfort zone. I intended to make like a foundation suitable to what I know they would like, then I just came out my zone and made it work as best as I know how to.

The album’s leading singles, “Economic Slavery ft Teacha Dee” and More Than Gold“, have already captivated audiences, setting the stage for “I-Frequency” to establish Mosiah as a Roots and Culture artist among the emerging greats in the Reggae genre.

As the February 9th release date approaches, anticipation continues to build for the unveiling of “I-Frequency“.  Fans and music enthusiasts alike can expect a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the authenticity and passion that define Mosiah’s unique sound.


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