Mikey Spice Teams Up with Producer Michael Stewart On New Releases

Mikey Spice Teams Up with Producer Michael Stewart On New Releases
Mikey Spice (file photo)

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Mikey Spice, a longtime favorite on the South Florida reggae beat, returns to the scene with Sunshine, a song produced by Michael Stewart for Tell Dem Music.

The single was released in December, and is one of several songs Stewart recorded with the talented Spice. Energy was the first song released from their sessions.

“Mi have some wicked tune with Mikey an’ did plan to put out a album. But wi jus’ decide to put out some song in the meantime,” said Stewart, who is based in South Florida.

Stewart, known as Mikey Shine, has been producing music for over 30 years. Originally from rural Manchester parish in Jamaica, he started in the music as a sound system operator while living in New York City.

Since launching Tell Dem Music, he has produced songs by elite acts such as Marcia Griffiths, Glen Washington and Tinga Stewart. Stewart prefers live recording rather than programmed beats; Sunshine features guitarist Duwayne Hoilett, bassist Dave Richards and Christopher Meredith (more known for his bass work) on keyboards.

Stewart’s latest project involved the prolific Spice, who kicked off his recording career in the 1990s, and has been a staple on the South Florida/Atlanta scene for over 20 years.

The Kingston-born singer/musician, who recently performed at Rebel Salute in Jamaica, has made a name on the strength of songs like Practice What You Preach, Grab Yuh Lass (with Louie Culture), Alli Alli Ho and I Am I Said.

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