Trini Souljah Fitness Tips to Get Ready for Miami Carnival 2019

MIAMI – May is National Physical Fitness Month and Jeremiah Scott aka Trini Souljah, Founder of Soak’ah Sweat shares a few pointers on how to get fit for Miami Carnival.

Soak’Ah Sweat is an “Afro-Caribbean Fitness Party Experience” which focuses on Body pump, Socaerobics, Waistline Workout and Strength Exercises. Soak’ah Sweat was created in February 2017 by Jerimiah “Trini Souljah” Scott.

The idea of Soak’ ah Sweat came alive when he decided to be creative on the spot by combining dance/aerobic movements for the first time during one of my A1 Supreme Fitness “Fit2Fete” boot camps (started in 2016).

Trini Souljah Fitness Tips to Get Ready for Miami Carnival 2019

Trini Souljah

His main goal is to raise awareness in South Florida’s Caribbean community to live a healthy lifestyle and to stay physically active while having fun.

Over the past 3 years of Soak’ah Sweat it has now evolved into a “fitness fete” were we pump, wuk and sweat to our infectious sweet soca music.


The beauty of Soak’ ah Sweat is that it also allows highlighting other Afro Caribbean instructors and DJs during these events. Soak’ah Sweat was hosted in New York “twice” and Atlanta. He  plans to go to other cities in 2020.

Top Five Fitness Tips According to Trini Souljah to Get Ready for Miami Carnival 2019


  • Set a realistic and attainable fitness goal.


  • Join a weekly Fitness session
  • Home Workouts
  • Play your favorite sport
  • GO HARD!


  • MORE WATER…Less alcohol “save it for Miami Carnival.


  • Find a nutrition plan that suits you.
  • Healthy meal prepping helps as well.


  • Friends that Soak’ah Sweat Together, Stays Together lol
  • Find your favorite health/fitness page on social media.

Get to know Musician, Drummer and Producer and Founder of  Soak’ah Sweat Jeremiah Scott (Trini Souljah)

Q: How long have you been playing the drums and who inspires you musically?

A: I’ve been playing drums from an early age of 3years old. I was born into and grew up in an all rounded talented and cultural family where drums, dance, and music is a lifestyle.

My early musical inspiration was my Grandfather Jonathan Scott, he was the first individual who taught me how to play the steelpan. My 2 uncles Hiram & Lancelot Scott who are both musicians/drummers.

I can’t forget Dominic Williams and Roy Samuel my drum teachers during my Primary School days in Tobago.

Trini Souljah Fitness Tips to Get Ready for Miami Carnival 2019

Trini Souljah

Q: How do you combine your love for fitness, music and Miami Carnival?

A: I combine my love for fitness, music and Miami Carnival by giving my people Soak’Ah Sweat and Fit2Fete. I do involve my drums during these events to accompany the DJ & instructors during their segments. “Fit2Fete” is a series of boot camps held leading into Miami Carnival weekend.

Q: What is your usual morning workout routine?

A: My usual morning workouts routine will typically be 10-15mins of fasted cardio. I do this to get my energy level up and pumped for the day.

Q: Do you have a go-to pre-workout meal or snack? A favorite smoothie recipe?  

A: My go-to pre-workout meal or snack will be my Herbalife “Cookies & Cream” protein shake

Q: What’s your life motto?

A: Passion, Vision, and Mission

Q: Do you have a go-to pump up song?

A: Kendrick Lamar:Hiii Power

Q: Favorite App

A: Instagram

Q: Top five songs on your playlist?

  • Machel Montano: Release It
  • Chronixx: Iyah Walk
  • Buju Banton: Magic City
  • Nailah Blackman: Iron Love
  • Bunji, Skinny, Machel: Famalay

Q: How long have you been playing the drums? How did that start? 

A: Honestly, I want to say I’ve been playing drums since I was in my mother’s womb lol. She always told me that every time my uncles would play their drums I will start moving in her tummy.

My uncles & the rich culture of Trinidad & Tobago Performing Arts is what started my passion for drumming.

Q: Who are your top musical heroes? 

A: Bob Marley, My Grandfather Jonathan Scott and Richie Spice.

Q: If there is one message in your music that you want people to hear?

A: Let love, creativity, and passion reign.

Q: Where are some of the spots you perform at in Miami? 

A:  Adrienne Arsht Center American,  Airlines Arena (Miami Heat 8yrs), Wynwood Yard, Revolution Live, Hard Rock Stadium

Q: Anything you want to plug? 

A: I was featured in Movies: VH1 Drumline – “A New Beat”, BET – The Quad;  Music Videos:  Omi – Cheerleader, Shy Carter – Bring It Back; Studio Recording with Emilio Estefan, LL Cool Blaze: “Bad Boys Riddim”; Member of Miami Heat Street Band (2009 – 2018) and Melo Groove Steel Orchestra

Connect with Trini Souljah via email or follow him on Instagram: @trini_souljah

Miami Carnival will be held Sunday, October 13, 2019-Visit for more information and follow them @miabrowcarnival on Instagram

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