Top Five Questions About Title Loans in Florida

Certain lenders offer the so-called second lien title loan, with the help of which you can apply for a title loan without a clear, lien free title. A clear title plainly means that the car is completely at your property, nobody puts any questions about the car ownership, and there are no outstanding loans against the car.

A second lien title loan process of applying for is very close to putting in an application for a normal title loan, the principal point is that you are to give verification of your first lien as opposed to a clear title.

Although you can’t get a title loan-secured or pawn without a title or with existing liens, some lenders do offer a convenient application process for personal loans and lines of credit, which require no title at all.  Personal loans may be the right solution to pay unexpected expenses quickly!

Lenders provide great flexibility and fast application process. Even more, in certain states, you can choose from an offline or online option.

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Interview with Car Loan Advisor, Maggie Gallagher

The problem of instant lending is getting more and more popular nowadays. Today we are having Maggie Gallagher, car loan advisor, to help us clear all of your doubts and answer the most popular questions about title loans in Florida.

Good morning, Maggie, thanks for coming here today!

Good morning, Louisa! Thank you for inviting me. No denying, that many of us are getting through the economic hardships and instant lending is of great current interest and quickly developing market. Therefore, it will be the key question of today’s conversation. I’m here to fully inform you and give our readers the detailed answers touching this topic.

Q: One is to choose from different types of instant lending options. Why would you recommend our reader to go with the title loans?

First reason is that bad credit is not a problem. A title loan is a loan that is usually protected by exploiting of your vehicle as collateral. Boats, trucks, and RVs, as well as other items, can be financed. Many people use title loans to correct their credit score quickly. You are only to have a steady income and a vehicle with a clear title. That is why title loan is a perfect solution. a simple and convenient online application, quick approval and no credit check required, which is important for borrowers with a bad credit history. The disadvantages are high interest rates, short repayment periods

Q: Maggie, could you please tell us if online car title loan is illegal in Florida?

A: Good question. It is legal. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to double check. After applying for online title loan, you are provided with instant cash against the equity of your vehicle. Your loan amount is determined based on your vehicle’s value. For instance, Title Loans in Florida on MaggieLoans range from $250 to $10,000.

Q: One more question. How can I get out of a title loan in Florida?

A: After you’ve been given the payment, the lender is the owner of your vehicle. Repaying the loan with interest is all you need to do in order to get the title back loan, then,  the title will be given back to you according to the terms of the contract.

Q: Maggie, can I pawn my car title online in Florida? Tell us about the process of application.

A: You can apply for cash anywhere in Florida through the online approval process! Online application has long been the fastest way to get money for emergency needs. You can skip the hassle of applying in physical spots and choose a more convenient option in Florida. Moreover, the entire way is super simple and does not take more than ten minutes.

Let me describe the process. The applicant selects a suitable lender, goes to his website and supplies with the necessary info about himself. It is so convenient to get your vehicle inspected online with the help of photos and videos. Your application will be reviewed and approved immediately. Here it is! You are ready to get the payment. Most often the information you are to provide is your name, address, income, contact details. And the final step. The lender contacts you to clear the terms of the loan and the debt repayment.

Q: Thanks a lot! And does Florida allow prepayment penalties on online car loan?

A: A prepayment penalty is a sum of money that a lender charges when you refund your mortgage early partially or completely. Fortunately, not all mortgages have a prepayment penalty. A lender cannot charge a penalty for paying all or part of a loan off early.

Q: And the last question, can a vehicle be repossessed on private property in Florida?

A: A lender may take possession of the titled personal property only through an agent who is licensed by the state to repossess motor vehicles.

The information you gave us will certainly help our readers to make up their minds. We would like to thank Car Loan Advisor Maggie Gallagher once again for giving an interview to Learn more about Maggie Gallagher.

Stay tuned!


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