Top 6 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

Top 6 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

Golfing is becoming more and more popular. The oldest golf course in the world at Saint Andrews in Scotland, is reputedly booked for the next century. You can always book for your children, and pass that opportunity on as part of their inheritance, and many have – that’s why it’s booked for so long. This is a testament to what the culture of golf has become. A sport developed in Scotland and appreciated by many from its inception, it is widely practiced by the population of the country. Because of British imperialism and its controversial impact on the world, golf, even more than cricket, has espoused an international dimension.

In this article, we will list a few reasons why you should take up golf seriously if you were considering it at all.

Release And Concentration

While the privacy you get while playing golf is definitely an advantage for discussing sensitive business information, it is also something you can appreciate on your own. The best thing to do is to make sure you have everything you need so you don’t snap out of it. One accessory that will always be handy is the golf training aid. There are a variety at and the reviews will help you to better understand which one would be suited best for you. Whether they are using a grip or training system many people will use these to hone their skills and improve their performance, allowing you to concentrate much better.

It’s A Fantastic Exposure To Nature

Going out into the great outdoors is always a plus. Communing with nature has become so difficult for us, especially if we have a busy urban lifestyle. Taking up golf as an activity can really help if you feel cooped up in your home and work spaces. Being immersed in a natural environment has many positive effects on our body and mind. Whether you are looking to get out of the bustle of the city  An 18 hole course will definitely be a welcome break from your daily routine.

Fresh Air To Breathe

On top of being surrounded by beautiful greenery, you get to breathe all the oxygen it produces. Unlike human beings, plants take in carbon dioxide gas from the air and convert it into oxygen we can breathe. Carbon dioxide is the gas we produce when we exhale, that our cars emit, and that causes global warming. When we are in the city, there is an excess of carbon dioxide that is detrimental to us, and that is why green spaces are so important. Being able to access a golf course is a privilege that means you can not only relax your mind with beautiful scenery, but also relax your lungs, and thus your entire body.

Physical Activity

Golf is a sport. Granted, a golf cart makes the case harder to argue, but a great way to take advantage of the beauty and extent of a golf course is to actually take the time to walk through it – especially if you’re in Scotland. So if you can get out, and better yet, get to Scotland, there are some rolling hills waiting for your boots to walk all over them. You can even use your phone now to track how many steps you’ve taken, and really get some perspective on how much distance you have traveled across the course

Building Business (And Family) Relationships

Going to play golf is a good way to get some privacy as well as a good productive business conversation. Not only that, the added advantage of being outside and actually moving rather than remaining static really stimulates the conversation and allows you to pace it as you play along together. The same is true with anyone, it doesn’t need to just be money business. Family business is the most important business if you’ve decided to invest in it. So don’t you forget that.

Challenge yourself

While golf may seem quite simple to the layperson, you quickly realize that birdies and eagles are a whole different ballpark. Golf demands a refined synchronicity and intelligence, in a way that other sports might not require. You’re not just hitting a ball really hard, you’re also thinking about the landscape, the slopes, and the wind direction and speed. When you actually hit the ball, you’re basically solving a very complex mathematical equation, all in just a fraction of a second.

Top 6 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

Whenever you decide to take up golf whether professionally or as an amateur, you will have a lot to look forward to and a lot to practice. Golf is no joke, and if you want to have fun, you need to relax, take a deep breath, and concentrate.



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