Tighter security at Saint Lucia’s ports of entry

CASTRIES, St. Lucia – The security systems at Saint Lucia’s air and sea ports will be improved to ensure the island’s boarders are safeguarded from all forms of unwanted and illegal activities and to ensure the security of all travellers.

The improvements in the security system are expected, following the completion of Essential Instructor Skills Training and Basic Security Training Courses by twenty four security personnel employed at the island’s air and sea ports.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Chief of Ports Police at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) Kennedy Francis, said the training for security personnel is invaluable and will redound to the benefit of Saint Lucia.

“We know that moving forward this training is going to result in the improvement of the security systems at our air and sea ports, and we look forward to continuously reviewing and improving our security systems so that we can provide for a safe and orderly travelling experience to the international travelling public.”

The training courses, geared towards developing the aviation security standards between Saint Lucia and the United States, was conducted by the Transportation Security Administration of the United States (TSA), and followed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the organisation and the

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. David Michalouis of TSA said the organisation is keen on assisting countries like Saint Lucia to improve aviation security standards in accordance with international regulations.

“There are a number of flights that originate from the United States that fly directly to Saint Lucia and vice versa, and I think Saint Lucia as a destination for US citizens is growing. I think from all indications US arrivals to Saint Lucia will increase in the coming months. So we have an interest in working with Saint Lucia to share best practices and lessons learnt on aviation security standards,” Mr Michalouis said.

The courses in Essential Instructor Skills Training and Basic Security Training were the third in a series of training initiatives conducted by the US based organisation. The Transportation Security Administration says it will continue to work with Saint Lucia to improve the security systems at the island’s ports of entry.

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