President Obama discusses his vision for a comprehensive immigration reform package

WASHINGTON, DC – Early this week, President Obama met with representatives from a broad range of community groups to discuss the ways in which his Administration is working with stakeholders around the country as well as members of Congress to craft a comprehensive approach that will finally fix our broken immigration system.

The President reiterated that he wants to see a bipartisan process based on the proposal presented in the Senate and building on the Schumer-Graham framework, which thoughtfully addresses the need to further secure our borders and demands accountability from both workers who are here illegally and unscrupulous employers who game the system.

During the meeting the President also reiterated that truly securing our border requires comprehensive immigration reform, said that his Administration will continue to work with Congress to act at the earliest possible opportunity and he announced that he would be delivering a speech soon on the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform.

He also thanked the community groups for their support and hard work on this issue as this important process moves forward. In addition, the President once again made clear his views on the recent law passed in Arizona and noted that the Department of Justice was reviewing it.

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