Three “nights out” you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home

Three “nights out” you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home

Our homes should be somewhere where we can relax. Somewhere that is decorated exactly how we like, full of all our favorite thing to enjoy. The sad reality is our homes are also often full of reminders of the stresses of everyday life. For example, you might have a sink full of dirty dishes, a pile of dirty laundry that needs washing or even a room that you are half-way through decorating.

Sometimes it feels like the only way we can truly relax is to escape the house, but as it’s often even harder to fit a night out into your busy schedule, luckily there is another way. Here are three ideas of ways you can forget about your chores and have a virtual “night out” without having to go out.


A few years back, going to the theatre involved getting all dressed up in your smartest clothes, travelling to the venue and waiting for the curtain to go up. If you were watching a long performance, it would be more than likely that you’d get home late and feel pretty tired the next day. Now you can watch famous theatre performances on your own TV. Many theatres are filming their shows and allowing you to watch them for a small cost. One of the most sought-after tickets over the last few years has been to see Hamilton. Many people have tried and failed several times to buy tickets for the show, some of which have been going for hundreds of dollars. If you have the Disney+ steaming service, you can now stream it whenever you like, and pause it whenever you want to get extra snacks and not miss a moment of the action.


For decades, people have been going to bingo halls to forget about their day-to-day problems and have a lot fun. Instead of worrying about work or any other of life’s stresses, people love to focus solely on ticking off those numbers on their sheet as the balls are drawn. It’s one of the simplest games to play, yet one of the most exciting games to win. There’s nothing quite like hearing that final ball being called and being able to shout BINGO! Now, you can recreate that feeling at home with one of the many online games available to play on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. As there are so many to choose from, use a review website like to find the game that’s most suited for you, whether that’s the one with the biggest prizes or one that has the best-looking gameplay.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms have been one of the most popular new crazes of the last few years. They normally involve stepping inside a mysterious room and trying to solve several puzzles to secure the key to leave the room. These clues could be hidden in many of the unusual props around the room. Now, you can turn your own home into an escape room by purchasing one of the many prepared puzzle kits on sale.

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