The Sexy Dish – Our Aphrodisiacs

By Chef Hugh

Part 1 of 2
Food is sexy, very sexy. I believe that more now especially since I became a chef. There is nothing better than having to savor the last bite of a meal that is just heavenly and divine.

As you think of that really last great meal you had, think of how the flavors lingered on your palette, think of how you were able to distinguish the different tastes in your mouth. Wasn’t it tantalizing, as you slowly removed the fork from your mouth and feeling the tip of the fork brush past your lips on the way out? Did you feel the rush through your body as you said in your mind with your eyes closed, “oh my god, this taste so good”, “this is better than sex..”, “it was almost orgasmic”, “Mouth watering, the best I ever had”. I’m sure you have heard someone saying that at some time or another if not yourself. Well no matter what the cuisine is, I’m sure many of us have at some time experienced the sensuality of food.

The Sensuality of food is a great thing. The contentment one feels after a great meal is sometime only comparable to a few things. You know what I’m talking about. But did that meal excite or turn you on? Was the blood hot after you ate those juicy oysters with the mango chili cocktail sauce? Did that slice of triple chocolate mousse cake with raspberry rum couli make that left leg of yours tremble? What about those Godiva chocolate truffles flavored with Orange Liqueur? Did it spark an amorous feeling for erotic play after consumption? Yes, no, not sure?

Well all over the world in every culture through the ages, mankind has been searching to find that elixir of love, to unlock the puzzle of eroticism when called upon. Even as much as 5000 years ago, tales, myths, depictions and manuscripts have tried to document what seemingly has been elements in food and cuisine that were considered aphrodisiacs. The aphrodisiac that when consumed will create in you that strong desire, the kind that readily puts you in the mood. In every culture and civilization from the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Hindus, all have given us folklores about aphrodisiacs. The definition aphrodisiac, so named after the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty Aphrodite, speaks entirely for itself. Eat, drink and your sexual desire and libido has now been taken up a notch. Some of these aphrodisiacs I will talk about, but remember I am not here to dispel or entertain and give any credibility to the effectiveness of what these so called aphrodisiacs can do.

So let’s see what there is to be said about some of the most popular ones.

Dark Chocolate: Referred to by the Aztecs as “nourishment for the gods”. Legend has it that Montezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate every day to boost his virility before visiting his harem of 600 women. Wow, busy guy. I guess he bought into a myth hook, line and sinker. Consumption of dark chocolate stimulates the central nervous system which helps to heighten the mood, but the combination of chocolate and red wine could be the ultimate secret for passion. So, for a sensuous treat try some dark chocolate with a glass of Cabernet. Not necessarily my first choice chocolate is but I would give the wine a try.

Oysters: Oysters are held in high esteem seeing as it was Aphrodite that gave birth to Eros, the Greek God of love and sexual desire (depending on which school of thought you have read) on an oyster shell. The Roman satirist Juvenal in second century A.D. wrote about the wonton ways of women after ingesting wine and eating “giant oysters”. Yes, the response could be true for men doing the same, probably because oysters are packed with zinc, a necessary component of sperm and testosterone production. Can I have two dozen to go please?

Truffles: There is a belief that truffles contain a similar chemical to both the male pig and human male sex hormone, which is why female pigs are used for the search of truffles in the wild. I think maybe because of its mystique and being so expensive adds to the mysteriousness and its romantic reputation. Truffles are great. They add a wonderful depth of flavor that is intense but not overwhelming. Truffle mashed potatoes, poached lobster salad with baby greens and orange truffle vinaigrette, Jumbo prawns and… oh, I’m sorry I digress. Truffles, a remarkable find I tell you.

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