The Premier Launch for E.A.T. Jamaica: A Gala Benefit

By: Lorna Wright
Fort Lauderdale, FL – A gala benefit to restore Jamaica will be held July 22-24, at the Grand Palms Hotel-Spa & Golf Resort, 110 Grand Palms Drive, Pembroke Pines. The event billed as The Ultimate Weekend Retreat will offer 3 days, 2 nights of spectacular festivities, including great music, good food and grand company.

Guests will have an opportunity to view an insightful film, fashion, arts, designs, crafts, and learn about E.A.T. (Ecology, Agriculture, Trade). Guests also have the option of booking rooms or suites which are offered at a very reasonable weekend rate and will also have the opportunity to be pampered by the hotel and spa personnel.

Vendors, sponsors are being solicited to present their products and services in a dynamic setting. Details about the promotional packages will be available upon request. Poets, models, artists, singers, dancers, musicians, designers, and stylists are being targeted to showcase their talents and add a creative element to the ambience of this greatly anticipated event. Krystal Planet, an International company with a mission to “improve the environment and make money at the same time,” is a premier sponsor. is a proud sponsor of E.A.T. There will also be an auto showcase that will include Mazerati, Porsche & Lamborghini of the Palm Beaches displaying their luxury cars to add to the ambience of The Ultimate Weekend Retreat. This event is a grand affair for all family members.

E.A.T. was established as an 8-step program to educate communities on a more holistic approach to life and how to live in harmony with the environment while creating a prosperous experience for a broader cross-section of people. E.A.T. has already selected a pilot project: Walkerswood, St. Ann and has adopted 67 families and 97 children from this community. A film will be developed from this project outlining steps taken from beginning to end in the restoration of Walkerswood. This documentary will be filmed by The Lazarus Project. Details about E.A.T. will be provided at the three-day event.

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