The Most Incredible Cricket Matches Ever

The Most Incredible Cricket Matches Ever

The greatest among the great: These are some of the most incredible cricket matches that have remained etched on the embers of many cricket and sports sites like and also the minds of many cricket fans.

  1. Australia Vs. West Indies

In the first-ever world cup final in 1975, the cricket match between Australia and the West Indies proved to be a thrilling contest. Both teams had leading test cricketers of the age, whose skills were bravely sharpened to the demands of the One-day cricket game.

The most iconic events during the game were given by Viv Rickards fielding and Clive Lloyds Blistering hundred. But it was not until Deryck Murray ran out Jeff Thomson that gave the West Indies supporters a moment of delighted hurrah during the last wicket stand.

  1. Australia Vs. South Africa

In 1999, Australia saw another exciting contest in a final game with South Africa that defies belief. During the final, the cricket enthusiasts were sure that the South African lead in the World Cup would give them a win.

But the game was filled with complete euphoria when Adam Gilchrist caught the one-centimeter-per-hour ball throw from Damien Fleming and hit the stumps to give the most famous run-out in cricketing history. Australia won the game and proceeded to the finals.

  1. Sri Lanka Vs. Australia

It only took 15 years after becoming full ICC members for Sri Lanka to beat Australia at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. This happened in 1996 when Aravinda de Silva scored a masterful 107, which at the time was unbeaten.

The Sri Lanka team was met by crowds of people cheering for them when they got back home. Their drive to the president’s home was equally filled with cheers and celebration.  The entire nation celebrated this win for at least a week. The team indeed deserved the ululations.

  1. Ireland Vs. England

It was in 2011 when one of the most fantastic innings was made in World Cup history. When Irishman Kevin O’Brien made a 50-ball hundred, he did not merely show remarkable skill. Instead, he also managed to destroy the attack that was on the Ireland team to secure the win.

While Kevin believes that a bit of luck worked in his favor, he secured a day in history that will not be forgotten for many years to come.

  1. West Indies Vs. India

Significantly few people hoped that the Indian cricket team would win in the 1983 World Cup final, especially since the West Indies had a massive win over the team. But many believe that this is the game that started Indian’s obsession with cricket, and with good reason.

The situation was dire for India, but they managed to beat the seemingly unbeatable West Indies following Kapil Dev’s fielder skills and Roger Binny’s technique since he finished the World Cup with the leading wicket-taker.

The win was a surprise, so it took a while for the team to believe that they had won over the giants West Indies.

  1. India Vs. Australia

By the time India was facing off Australia again in 2001, the two teams had become rivals. Australia was already proving to be a giant in the cricket world, and India continuously worked towards beating Australia.

So when they met in 2001, it seemed that Australia would have their 17th win against India. The Indian team had not scored enough runs in the first batting innings. They were still behind with 270 runs after the second batting innings.

But a turnover was made on the fourth day when batsmen VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid gave India the lead with 315 runs. Then, on the fifth day of the test, Australia failed to catch up to India, which secured the unexpected win for the Indian team.

 There have been more than these six matches in the history of cricket that have had unbelievable outcomes. Nonetheless, these matches are some of the best that many cricket fans find hard to forget. What stands true for all these games is that cricket players are always ready for battle when they step on the field.


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