The 2020 NFL favorites already qualified for the playoffs. Who will win the Super Bowl?

The 2020 NFL favorites already qualified for the playoffs. Who will win the Super Bowl?

We are approaching the end of the 2020 NFL regular season, and we already have a few teams that secured a playoff berth.

Before Week 14, only the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints made it through the postseason, with other two teams joining after that moment – the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

The Chiefs have an incredible 12 wins – 1 loss in the games so far, while the Steelers won 11 and lost only 2. The Packers and the Saints both won 10 games so far.

And there are the Buffalo Bills, who also won 10 games, but they are still short of making it to the playoffs. The team is playing the Denver Broncos on Saturday night.

Who are the bookmakers favorites?

The fight is on and is a tough one in the other divisions as well, given that winning the division assures a first round bye in the playoffs.

These being said, we now have a clear image of who are the favorites at winning the championship this year. The Chiefs are by far the top favorites at winning the Super Bowl, after managing to do so last season, 31-20 against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Kansas City team has +180 odds for the NFL Championship, followed by the Green Bay Packers (+650), and the New Orleans Saints (+700). The Chiefs enjoy also the extraordinary season made so far by Patrick Mahomes, the outright favorite for the MVP this year, while the Packers have Aaron Rodgers in their roster.

Out of the four teams qualified for the postseason so far, the Steelers are lowest in the odds list. When looking at the sports betting in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh team has +1300 at winning the Super Bowl.

The Steelers are sixth in the bookmakers list, while the Bills are fifth. Ok, so who is fourth, from outside this quintet? Well, that would be the Los Angeles Rams. They are putting up a fierce fight in their division, but nonetheless the bookers regard them as big favorites. Should they clinch the division first place in the end, they will improve their odds even more.

The Rams have a 9-4 record so far, the same as the division colleagues Seattle Seahawks, and also the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts, from AFC South, and the Cleveland Browns from AFC North.

Why the big gap between the Chiefs and the Steelers?

As mentioned, the Chiefs and the Steelers both have more than 10 wins – the only teams to do it after 14 weeks. So, why the big difference between them at the bookers?

Well, the Steelers did feature on the second spot in the favorites’ top, but at that time they had all wins. After a 10-match winning streak, they lost the games to the leaders of AFC East (the Bills), and NFC East (Washington Football Team) divisions, and the odds suffered. They will take on the Cincinnati Bengals next, which lost 10 games so far.

Then there are the Chiefs, who won the last eight games. That is by far the longest winning streak at this point, so no wonder they are now top favorites (and let’s not forget their title last season).

Regarding the South Florida teams, they both have recorded 8 wins and 5 losses so far. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the seventh favorites at winning the title this season (that is just under the Steelers), while the Miami Dolphins are the 15th. Both teams have great odds at clinching a playoff berth – maybe even after the next game.

The Super Bowl LV will take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, on February 7th, 2021.



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