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Support for Families in Jamaica During Hurricane Season

GroceryList Jamaica for Hurricane Season
GroceryList Jamaica employee makes a delivery.

SOUTH FLORIDA – With the 2024 Hurricane season in effect, Jamaica faces the threat of Hurricane Beryl, families in the US, Canada, and the UK have an opportunity to support their loved ones back home with essential groceries. 

GroceryList Jamaica offers a seamless way to provide much-needed supplies quickly and efficiently. With their wide range of hurricane preparedness packages, including basic essentials to comprehensive kits, they ensure your family is safe and prepared during emergencies.

GroceryList Jamaica

GroceryList Jamaica connects immigrants with local merchants in Jamaica, delivering groceries and essentials with one-hour delivery via a ride-share model. Their platform also supports local farmers, contributing to economic development and sustainability.

Hurricane Season Support

Visit GroceryList Jamaica to explore their hurricane preparedness packages and support your family during this critical time.

Show your love and support by ensuring your family in Jamaica is well-prepared and safe during hurricane season.


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