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Jamaican CG Mair Virtual Citizenship Ceremony Scores Big

Oliver Mair Consul General Jamaica
Consul General of Jamaica, Oliver Mair hosting the Jamaican Citizenship Ceremony –  Photo Credit: Allan Cunningham – Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Rep for the Southern USA

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – On Tuesday, November 24th 110 newly minted Jamaican citizens received a ceremonial welcome at a Virtual Citizenship Welcome Reception hosted by the Consulate General of Jamaica.

Consul General R. Oliver Mair as host of the event introduced the new citizens to an evening of rich entertainment depicting song, dance and poetry by local Jamaican performing artistes, each bringing the house down in their own unique style.

Performances included Tallawah Mento Band, dub poet Malachi Smith, folklorist Maxine ‘Queen’ Osbourne, poet and author Dr. Susan Davis (Dr. Sue) and renowned tenor Steve Higgins.

This was the third in a series of ceremonial welcome events initiated by Consul General Mair to newly minted Jamaican citizens.

Deputy Consul General, Sharon Burrell said that there has been an 83% increase in Jamaican citizenship applications in recent years.  This application process is formally established by the government to children of Jamaican descent, as well as by marriage to a Jamaican national.

Consul General said that he was humbled by the overwhelming response and commendations pouring in from worldwide.  He passionately stated that the “pride to become Jamaica augurs well for our beloved island home”.  He credits the success to the dynamic performances to our outstanding local performers in the South Florida community.

Allan Cunningham
Allan Cunningham – Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Rep for the Southern USA welcomes the new Jamaican Citizens

Newly Minted Jamaicans Beam With Pride

Newly minted Jamaican, Ms. Adrienne Chin-Ogilvie expressed pride as a blessing and honor receiving her establishment from her paternal descendants.

According to Ms. Sandya Mitchell “I wish my daddy could have been here to see this, it’s what he wanted for so long.”

As the names of the established citizens virtually scrolled on, Ms Kaydene Williams was excited to hear her son Jayden Raphael recognized.

Jamaican father, Jay Benayouon, was proud of his son’s established citizenship, and congratulated Consul General Mair for the outstanding job of “ushering in our newly-minted bredren and sistren instilling pride within all Jamaicans at home and abroad.”

Attorney Colin Blackwood also expressed pride as his daughter’s photograph, Emma Iman scrolled along.

In welcoming the citizens, Judge Norman Hemming spoke to the accomplishment of many Jamaicans of international fame in music, sports, political sphere, academia, emphasizing that they were all uniquely great because of their impact on the world. He told his audience that they have shown a sense of thanksgiving and pride and God-like spirit in joining the throngs of outstanding Jamaicans.

With a feeling of pride for the new Jamaicans, Martin Hoffenden, South Florida attorney, born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, spoke of his growing up with a sense of discipline and respect, indicative of island behavior.  Giving a testimonial on behalf of the newly minted citizens, Mr. Hoffenden, said “we have always known ourselves to be Jamaicans, and now officially rubberstamping what we know is true”.

The event was sponsored by Luke Ballentine/Moment to Remember, Vintage Events, Jamaicans.com, and @DJCraigShine.


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