State Rep. Kevin Chambliss’s Statement Regarding the Situation at the Southern Border

State Rep. Kevin Chambliss’s Statement Regarding the Situation at the Southern Border

[MIAMI]Following the press conference on the humanitarian crisis held by State Representative Marie Woodson (D-Hollywood) and State Senator Shevrin Jones (D-Miami Gardens), Representative Kevin Chambliss (D-Homestead) issued the following statement.

I am appalled and deeply saddened by the images and videos that have been shared on the internet, showing US Border Patrol Personnel whipping and beating Haitian immigrants at the Southern Border in Texas. Seeing these images is reminiscent of how black and brown people were beaten on the plantations when we were enslaved in this country. These images of US personnel doing this in 2021 on US soil only furthers the notion that black and brown people are viewed as less of a person and more as a threat than others in our country.

I stand firmly in solidarity and support my Haitian brothers and sisters both in Haiti and the diaspora as we look for an investigation into this travesty in Texas. I am proud to stand with Representative Marie Paule Woodson, Representative Dotie Joseph, Senator Shevrin Jones, and the rest of the Black Caucus as we seek immediate action and support for all Haitians.

While the caucus is grateful and acknowledges the progress that the Biden Administration and Secretary Mayorkas have made in mitigating the damages caused by the previous administration, it is important to note that the work is nowhere close to being done. Our caucus is calling on the Biden Administration to rescind Title 42, take back the case appeal, and we are requesting a meeting with the administration to address our concerns.


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