Dr. Barbara Sharief Calls for Humane Treatment of Haitian Migrants

Humane Treatment of Haitian Migrants

[MIRAMAR]Today, Dr. Barbara Sharief, candidate for Florida’s 20th Congressional District, addressed the reprehensible images of mounted border patrol agents confronting Haitian migrants.

“I’ve spent my life fighting for the sick and caring for the vulnerable in South Florida’s diverse neighborhoods. I know the sanctity of human life, and the value and vibrancy our Haitian brothers and sisters bring to our community. These images are the direct result of President Trump’s border policies. He reveled in violence against the weak and defenseless, and while we have come a long way since then, the events of this week show there is still much to heal.”

“I fully support the formal investigation already taking place, and look forward to the bipartisan work that needs to happen to address these issues and make sure our system prioritizes a humane way of handling immigration.”


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