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St. Lucia’s National Crime Commission Bill repealed

ST. LUCIA – The National Crime Commission (NCC) in St. Lucia is no more. The agency which had among objectives, collating data on the crime situation on the island, will be replaced by a new entity—the Community Action Programme for Safety or CAPS.

Parliament gave approval Tuesday, March 26 for the cancellation of the National Crime Commission Bill, which created the entity, after the issue was debated at length in the House of Assembly.

St. Lucia’s Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Honourable Dr. Keith Mondesir said the Commission has achieved its mandate, and now it was time for action.

“This committee [CAPS], will go in and revise and encourage the boy scout movement, the girl guides movement and will encourage programmes that develop strong family ties. It will develop the younger people in St. Lucia with the respect that they should have for the older people,” said Dr. Mondesir.

Minister for Social Transformation, Human Services, Family Affairs, Youth and Sports Honourable Lenard Montoute, in supporting the bill, pledged his ministry’s input in ensuring the entity meets its mandate. It was a direct reference to opposition meted out on the cancellation of the NCC Bill.

“We know based on evidence provided by the Crime Commission itself, that most of the people who engage in criminal activity in this country are young people. If we can engage these young people in more productive endeavours, I have no doubt that not only will our communities benefit, not only will these individuals benefit, but we will see a resultant reduction in the crime rate in this country,”said the minister.

The Community Action Programme for Safety, which replaces the National Crime Commission, will be administered under the Ministry of Justice.

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