Spelling Bee Contestant, Sydney E. Spence Keeping Her Eye On The Prize

MIAMI – 2018 Primary Spelling Bee, First place winner Sydney E. Spence has qualified to compete at the 78th Miami Herald Spelling Bee on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at Jungle Island in Miami.

The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee program in Washington, DC in May 2018. No ordinary student, Sydney is a self-motivated and creative 4th grader who attends Airbase K-8 Center for International Education. She beat out a 5th grader to secure her place to compete at the Miami Herald Spelling Bee. Sydney is an accelerated reader champion at her school and is excited about competing.

Some of the words in the contest that she spelled were: Disguise, taxidermy, tribulations, Hispaniola, tasting,  drag loans, vociferous, entrepreneurs,  anecdote and the winning word she had to spell was “Boroughs”.

Spelling Bee Contestant, Sydney E. Spence Keeping Her Eye On The Prize

Sydney E. Spence

What does Sydney likes to do for fun?

Sydney is a  member of the top gun tumbling, aquatics swim team, and school’s sewing club. She has also been taking piano lessons for the last five years.

Some of Sydney’s favorite TV shows?

She loves science and history shows like Expedition Unknown and the Good Doctor.

She attends the summer institute for the gifted last summer at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia and the summer before that she was at the University of Miami. Sydney made a robotic stimulation, magnetic slime, took Algebra and Statistics courses.

Spelling Bee Contestant, Sydney E. Spence Keeping Her Eye On The Prize

2018 Primary Spelling Bee winner, Sydney E. Spence (senter) shows with her 1st Place Trophy.

In 2016 she had a chance to dissect at the University of Miami’s Brain fair.

Things she likes to do for fun…

I love to make slime concoctions. I also enjoy baking, reading and word search puzzles. I have a youtube Channel that I showcase my new toys.

Sydney would like to become a chemical engineer and attend Oxford University in London.

“I am excited to be participating in the spelling bee because I get to learn a whole bunch of new words and I also get to compete with different students from different schools. I’m also excited because now I represent my school, Air Base K-8 and I was able to beat a fifth grader for the spelling championship title. I’m looking forward to the Miami Herald spelling bee because I know I am going to win”! said, Sydney E. Spence.

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