Sound Systems Bid a Musical Farewell to Mighty Crown at ‘World Bash’ in New York

NEW YORK – Thanksgiving Holiday weekend at Amazura in Queens, New York promises to be one of epic proportion, as the biggest and baddest sound systems in the world are set to take center stage at “World Bash” for a musically riveting send off for 8x world champion sound Mighty Crown. Produced by powerhouse Caribbean entertainment event producers Irish and Chin, “World Bash” will feature high level sound system entertainment.

Big League Sound Systems

Billed for the highly anticipated event on Friday, November 24 at Amazura in Queens, New York are big league sound systems, which include the likes of Soul Supreme, Bass Odyssey, Kilimanjaro, David Rodigan, Dynamq, Tony Matterhorn, Pink Panther, LP International, Bodyguard, Metromedia and Mighty Crown. The larger-than-life line up is curated with selectors and sounds who have played an undeniable role in the Mighty Crown story. Whether through actual clashing or influence, these players are integral in the evolution of Mighty Crown.

Mighty Crown (Masta Simon, Ninja and Sami T, clockwise) Sound Systems Bid a Musical Farewell to Mighty Crown at 'World Bash' in New York
Mighty Crown (Masta Simon, Ninja and Sami T, clockwise)

Irish and Chin, who are stalwarts of presenting Jamaican music and culture to mass audiences, see “World Bash” as an expansion of their famed “World Clash” brand — minus the clash. Described as a supercharged, sound system stage show and concert (with bashment vibes), Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin says, ” ‘World Bash’ has been on my mind for some time.”

Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn

Buzzin’ since September, fans are excited to again experience sound culture in all its brilliance. Deemed as a special event, the majority of these elite sounds have not shared a stage together in ages. On all accounts, “World Bash” is positioned to be a next level of sound entertainment.

“I envision ‘World Bash’ as 60% festive and 40% warrish, with unparalleled stage show vibes,” says Bourne.

The impactful sounds on “World Bash” have the dub artillery to keep music lovers entertained all night. Classic anthems x good music are the ingredients for a festive night.

David Rodigan
David Rodigan

“With everyone talking, it gives me a good feeling about ‘World Bash.’ The fact that people are excited means there is still hope for sound culture and our brand,” says Bourne.

Who’s Who of Reggae and Dancehall Culture

Whether one is a dubplate lover or a champagne spiller, the who’s who of Reggae and Dancehall culture is coming together for Mighty Crown in New York. With over 30 years under their belts, the 8x world champion sound, who hails from Japan, is retiring. The signature “World Bash” serves as a last stop on Mighty Crown’s “The Final Round Tour”. It’s the ultimate chapter of the sound’s storied career.

World Blash – Pay Per View: https://bit.ly/world-bash

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