Social Media Marketing: How to Speak To Your Target Audience In Latin America!

Social Media Marketing: How to Speak To Your Target Audience In Latin America!

For social media promotion, there are many factors that you should count on if you want to reach success. One of them is the region where your target audience lives. This factor impacts many aspects of a promotion strategy, it defines what tactic you should choose, and in this article, we shall specifically talk about Latin America! The Latino audience is huge and you should use your chance to impress them. Let’s discover the range of cheap and effective methods to get a lot of Instagram views for this location.

Respect The Roots

Instagram is a very popular platform among Hispanic and Latino users, and many international influencers come from Latin America. But what makes them different from all other international social media celebrities is their clear and strong manifestation of their cultural and social heritage. So, to impress your target group and gain views from Latin America, you should build your growth using a rich variety of cultural specifications.

As for brands, this is also a good method to increase the attention to the product – when it somehow resonates with the cultural trends of Latin America, users show more interest in buying it. Adapting your brand message to the needs and preferences of your audience is what helps to strengthen your connection with local consumers and gain more benefits.

Know The Difference

People from Latin America are often called Hispanic audiences, but this is not completely true. The word “Hispanic” refers to the spoken language, and Latino/Latina is a definition of location. But not all Latino people speak Spanish, for example, in Brazil they speak Portuguese. Many other countries have special dialects that impact Spanish and change it.

In some contexts, the words Hispanic and Latino can interchange, but to avoid misunderstandings and negative reactions to your Instagram content, for example, examine what language is spoken in the region you want to influence and create your content accordingly to get more views and understanding.

Remember that there are Latin people who live in other places, like the USA. They usually refer to their historical origin of living rather than generalized Hispanic or Latino. In places where the population is bigger (Texas, California) the community often develops the local dialect that impacts the original Spanish language. Be careful when you translate your content – it is better to use professional help than rely on Google translate powers.

Visual Impact

Latina audience is well known for being passionate and bright people in general. They like strong and juicy colors, and it comes from around the nature that surrounds them – tropical birds, animals, and exotic flowers that paint the landscape with bursts of brightness, often in contact with lush greenery. Many visual representations of Latino culture are connected with this, and as the progress goes on, Hispanic audiences react better to such combinations on social media.

  • Mix bright accents in your content for more views.
  • Keep the colors close to the ones that can be found in local nature or inspired by it.
  • Use Indian style for decorative elements to localize your visuals.
  • Inspire by famous things like The Brazilian Carnival or Day Of The Dead.
Leverage Social Topics

Social Media Marketing: How to Speak To Your Target Audience In Latin America!

Latin America, unfortunately, suffers from many social and economic problems. And social networks are the way to give a voice to these problems and help to solve them. If you want to earn true respect and appreciation from a Latin audience, put effort into making their life better. Many regions in Latin America suffer from poverty, so organizing and supporting charity initiatives is what users would appreciate. For nonprofits, the best way to help is to become the voice of people, announcing the problem and attracting the attention of the authorities.

Brands can help as well, both providing charity and working places for locals, both enhancing the public image of the company and supporting the community, earning their gratitude and respect.

Take Advantage Of Local Holidays

Latin Americans have many holidays. Some they share with all the world, like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day. However, some holidays have other dates for celebration. And, there are lots of holidays that are specific for Latin America:

  • Children’s day. The date is changing depending on the region, but this is a very happy occasion for all Latin children. On this day they receive presents from their parents and other family members. Retailers are fond of this day because this is a second Christmas shopping rage. It is also noted that families go for outdoor activities on this day.
  • The Good Weekend. This holiday takes place on the weekend before Mexican Revolution day. It was established by Latin governments to stimulate the economic growth of the region, following the experience of Black Friday.
  • Day Of The Dead. Latin localization of Halloween, this holiday originates from the national Aztec roots. This day is known for festive costumes, traditional activities and cultural meaning when all the family gathers and prays for their ancestors. This is a day for remembrance and respect. A popular aspect of this holiday is Calavera – a sugar skull decorated with flowers. On social media, this is a popular makeup model for Halloween.
Don’t Forget About The Festivals!

Latin culture is also known for the most colorful and juicy festivals that are held around the globe. For social media influencers and brands who want to use social networks for promotion and get Instagram views, such events are a great instrument to attract the audience and bond with them. Here are the famous festivals of Latin America:

  • The Lord Of The Miracles procession, Peru. The history of this catholic procession follows up to colonial times when a slave from Angola made a drawing of Christ’s crucifixion’s on the wall in Lima. Since the 17th century, this drawing has been preserved and glorified as the Lord Of Miracles. The brotherhood that holds the same name, carries the image along with districts of Lima, followed by devoted Catholics.
  • Oruro Carnival. This festival takes place in Bolivia. This is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. Oruro is also known as the Dance of the Devils, due to special dancing and rituals performed during the parade, where 20000 dancers and 10000 musicians in exotic costumes participate.
  • This is a celebration of Peruvian culinary heritage and traditions that is held in September. There, people can discover local original dishes, like ceviche or cuy, or taste incredible fusion cuisine, mixed with Chinese or Japanese style.
  • Semana Santa. This is a localized Easter week that is celebrated in Guatemala. People wear purple robes on the parades and march along the streets, carrying floats, filled with decorations for the occasion. This is the largest celebration of Easter in Latin America that can be compared only to a similar event in Seville.
  • Festival Of The Sun. And again, we come back to Peru. The sun was the central figure in the worshipping traditions of Inca civilization. In ancient times, Incas were celebrating this day with animal sacrifices. Today, this is a bright and positive festival. The actor performs the role of the Inca emperor who is carried through the streets accompanied by priests, dancers, musicians, and sweepers who scare evil spirits away with their brooms. The procession follows to the temple, where they recreate llama sacrifice (no llama is actually harmed!)
  • Flower festival. Unique carnival in the city of Medellin, Colombia. This is a 10-day event, filled with competitions, fairs, concerts, and the Silleteros parade. Silleteros are farmers who grow flowers and compete in the beauty of their flower compositions.

To reach the social media audience in Latin America, any entrepreneur, business or Instagram, Facebook, YouTube influencer has to understand how important is the cultural heritage of the nation. Before launching any campaign on social media to promote your profile, get views, you should explore the local history and cultural aspects that impact the daily life of the community. By celebrating the nation’s identity and dignity, you can gain influence in a fast and effective way.




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