Soca The Vote Campaign Re-Ignited, Urges Eligible Caribbean-American In Florida To Register To Vote By October 6th Deadline

MIAMI – In the last three General Elections, the non-partisan grassrootsSoca The Vote” campaign encouraged thousands of eligible Caribbean-American citizens across the State of Florida and United States to register to vote and participate in the civic process.

Through their diverse culture and contributions in education, health care, sports, and politics, Caribbean-Americans are becoming an integral part of the American fabric. There are thousands of Caribbean-American citizens across the State of Florida who have migrated to the State and reside primarily in Central and South Florida.  And although they are all eligible to vote, many do not bother to register. Every Caribbean-American citizen over the age of 18 is eligible to register and vote in the General Elections on November 4th.

With the onset of the Miami Carnival 30th Anniversary season (www.miamibrowardcarnival.com), the Soca The Vote Campaign is urging all Caribbean-American cultural, religious, educational, sports, community, business, charitable, and media organizations across the State of Florida to submit or update their voter registration forms, including their names, address, party affiliation, and  their signature.   Eligible citizens could easily register from any online portal at http://www.turbovote.org/register.   Each person simply has to complete the online form, print, and mail to their respective Supervisor of Elections on or before Monday, October 6, 2014.

Politics impacts the life of every Floridian regardless of their race, religion, or national origin.  Political decisions are made with or without a citizen’s participation. Each day, elected officials make decisions on the education system, infrastructure for transportation, development of housing, among many other issues, regardless of a citizen’s decision to vote. Caribbean-Americans have a choice to be involved in these important decisions.  The first action in this decision-making process is registering to vote.  Because music is a major part of the life of every Caribbean-American, the Soca the Vote campaign hopes to motivate each Caribbean-American during the annual Miami Broward Carnival season to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their partisan opinion or choice.

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